Cherokee softball: slowpitch sluggers slide into success

Cherokee’s Varsity fastpitch team had an incredibly successful season last year, ending their season competing with the final four teams in Georgia for State Champion. But after a four-month break from the fields, Cherokee softball is back at it again- in slowpitch style.

Slowpitch softball is very similar to fastpitch. One of the major differences between the two is how the ball is thrown to the batter. In fastpitch, the pitch is thrown by the pitcher at a faster speed and it is generally very flat. In slowpitch, the pitcher stands farther away from the batter and throws the ball with an arc at a much slower speed. Also, most of the time, the batter hits the ball much harder in slowpitch, and the fielders position themselves diagonally to their respective bags instead of next to it.

[Game posters via @chsfastpitch on Twitter]

The team went 9-1 in their regular season, securing the title ”Area Champions” and headed to Sectionals in the #1 seed. Their games were as follows:

  • March 15 @ Home vs Woodstock (DH)

W (10-2) W (17-1)

  • March 21 @ Home vs Haralson Co (DH)

W (10-5) W (9-4)

  • March 24 @Home vs Kennesaw Mtn (DH)

W (13-7) W (12-6)

  • March 28 @ Creekview (DH)

L (12-13) W (3-2)

  • March 30 @ Etowah (DH)

W (14-4) W (13-8)

After a well-rested Spring Break, the team headed to Sectionals- an all-day event at Twin Creeks on April 13. They began their day with a tough loss against Etowah, but took down Woodstock, Creekview and Jefferson to clinch their spot in the Elite 8, which was played on April 20 and 21.

[One game at a time: the Warriors clinch a spot in the Elite 8.]

The first day, the team took down Dodge County and last year’s State Champion Hart County, but fell to Haralson County, 2-3.

The next day, after 3 games, the team claimed State Runner-Up for the second year in a row after falling to the ultimate State Champions, Haralson County, 15-18. Along the way, Cherokee sent Dodge County and West Laurens home.

[Our Warriors fight for State Champion in the Elite 8.]

It was definitely a fun experience and very different from our average fastpitch season, because it was more laid back.

Taylor Moreno, catcher, freshman

Nikki Brown is the team’s first baseman and only senior. She shared her thoughts with us about the season and her most memorable moment.

I had a blast this season getting to spend one extra season with my teammates and coaches. My favorite part about this season was state playoffs- I loved spending the day with the girls. So many memories were made during this season and I’ll never forget them.

Nikki Brown

Congratulations on a fantastic season, Slowpitch Warriors! Now onward to fastpitch season!

Photo Credit

Game photos: Jeremy Bowden

Selfies: Nikki Brown, Chloe Manders, Rylee Griesemer


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