A tribute to the class of 2022 and our senior, Holden Fagan

What a year it has been!

First entering kindergarten in 2009, the class of 2022 prepares to cross the final threshold into independence in late May, when they graduate at First Baptist Church of Woodstock. In the first relatively “normal” school year since the original Corona Virus outbreak, sports and clubs were back in full swing.

In our senior tribute last year, we compared the gas prices during the senior’s first and last year in school, and there was roughly a 55 cent increase. However, the price of gasoline spiked to an average of $3.71 in Ga., so the difference between the senior’s last year of high school and their kindergarten year would be $1.36.

The gas crisis brought about heated political debates, but shockingly, those were not the only momentous events. Just in the time span of August 2021 and May 2022, so much history has been added to the books. Here are a few examples:

  • The Russian Invasion of Ukraine
  • Beijing Winter Olympics
  • At-Home Vaccines
  • U.S. Military Withdrawal from Afghanistan

In addition, in our small world of Cherokee High School, a few significant events happened:

  • The drama program performed four spectacular plays
    • Amelia Earhart Flights of Fancy, Leaving Iowa, Lost Girl and Big Fish
  • The very first Women in Sports event
  • Mr. Jon Gustin won Teacher of the Year
  • Mardi Gras Prom was held at the Biltmore Ballroom
    • Carly Waugh and Daniel Mwangi won prom king and queen
  • The wrestling team went to state
    • Jacob Silka won runner up
  • The baseball team went to state
  • The girls’ lacrosse team went to the Sweet 16, and many, many more…
  • Countless touchdowns, homeruns, goals, baskets, points, and wins were made: an overall successful year for the athletic programs

In spite of all the triumph, there is always loss- the most despairing being the loss of our seniors. Our greatest athletes and leaders will be moving forward onto greater things.

After I graduate, I’m going to be attending KSU, and I’ll be majoring in nursing!

Michelle Cruz

I plan on starting college online with Penn Foster to become a veterinarian technician.

Lexi Bryan
The Warrior Word’s only senior, Holden Fagan, researching for an article

The newspaper specifically is sorrowful for our senior, Holden Fagan. Holden joined us last year as a junior and brought so much to our team. Being a warrior on the swim team, Holden covered multiple swim meets, but mainly wrote about his interests: gaming and science. Starting a popular “game review” column, he covered old and new video games.

After high school, Holden plans to enlist in the Coast Guard, where he will protect America, while also participating in their two-year college program. From there, he plans to go to a university to finish his education and to obtain a master’s degree in marine biology.

What will you miss most about writing for the Warrior Word?

There is a lot of things to miss, but I’m mostly going to miss the connections I’ve made with my classmates these few years.

Holden Fagan

What will you miss the most about Cherokee?

I will miss the football games, the small field trips we had, my ceramics and AP environmental class, and just being able to see my friends throughout the day.

Janette Vasquez

My parking spot.

Jacob Stout

The people and the memories that I’ve gotten to make with them over the years.

Ashley Severson

My homies

Hailey Randall

Graduation day is soon, so come out to First Baptist Woodstock to support your favorite seniors. Here at Cherokee we will miss our seniors, but promise to preserve their legacy in every way we can. Good luck out there, Seniors!

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