About Us


The Warrior Word, a revival of the original CHS publication, the Chieftains, is a new addition for the 2018-19 school year among the many other clubs, extracurriculars, and interest groups available for Cherokee High School students.   CHS has featured many publications and student news outlets in its rich history, and the Warrior Word strives to revive this legacy. Currently, we are seeking more students to join the team to contribute stories, opinion pieces, photography, and other content. Please contact Ms. Teasley for more information.

Mission Statement:

Cherokee High School strives to meet the social, emotional, and cognitive needs of all students to prepare them to become productive members of a diverse and ever-changing society. (Cherokee High School Mission Statement)

Additionally, the Warrior Word strives to foster a love of communication, and while students are encouraged to express their voices, they will also be taught considerations and challenges surrounding objectivity, dignity, and integrity in the media. 

CHS Quick Facts:

  • CHS is the oldest high school in Cherokee County Schools, established 1956.
  • The first faculty consisted of 34 teachers, one principal, and 821 students.
  • Today, CHS has 2,543 students, one principal, six assistant principals, and 152 teachers (US News).
  • CHS is the largest of the six high schools in the Cherokee County School District.
  • CHS is a GHSA Class AAAAAAA Region 4 school.
  • The current totem poll that greets CHS students and visitors is the third in the school’s history and a gift to the Class of 2011.  Faces of the three have represented rivals in academics, arts, and athletics. The first of the three in this tradition dates back to 1963.
  • CHS expanded to neighboring Canton Elementary building in 2018 becoming the home to the Freshmen Academy. The building was completely transformed over the summer break to accommodate the older student population including new paint, fountains, desks, and restroom facilities among many other changes. Many CHS students recall memories in the same classrooms as Canton ES students.