Welcome back, Warriors!

Summer is over, and the school year at Cherokee High School has just begun. Although classes have only been in session for a few days, the year is looking up for all Cherokee students and staff.

A few changes are in place this year. The policy for lunches has been changed, so the cafeteria will no longer be dishing out meals for free. Additionally, there is no study hall class period. The dress code has also changed to “Up for Interpretation” by the school, and that goes for all schools in Cherokee County.

The first week of school is full of hectic schedule changes, trying out new classes, and getting to know teachers and students. No matter what grade level you are, this upcoming school year is a big one.

Artwork from last year featured in the main hallway. [Photo credit: Makenzie Bird]

Advice from The Warrior Word

The Warrior Word has pulled together some heartfelt (and a bit cheesy) advice for each grade level.


You’ve just arrived fresh out of middle school, and now you’re the youngest once again. This first year will take some getting used to. You’ll learn more about your own abilities and personalities, as well as those of your friends. Stay focused, be kind to others, and get through this first year.

Once you know your way around the campus, everything else will start to fall in place, and you will feel more comfortable. Ask your teachers for help if you need it, and figure out your way of studying. Just keep on moving through and soon enough, this year will be over.


For the first time, welcome back to Cherokee! You have now entered the stage of not quite upperclassmen, but also above the freshmen. This year is your year to get ahead. Develop good habits for school, build strong friendships, and find hobbies that you enjoy. Cherokee offers many great clubs, so find one for you.

Be kind to the freshmen and respect your upperclassmen. Pay attention in class, but don’t forget to make the most of your time outside of the classroom. Don’t waste all of your money at the new (working!) vending machines. You’re only in high school for four years, so make them worth it.

The hallways were cleaned and prepped for the start of the school year. [Photo credit: Makenzie Bird]


Everyone says junior year is the worst year, so prepare yourself for the rollercoaster ahead of you. You’re starting to drive yourself now, so be cautious on the roads and don’t steal parking spots. Find what motivates you and build up your schedule so you have electives you enjoy.

Study hard for the SAT and ACT. Get a job if you can, and make some money for yourself. Get to know your teachers and the people in your classes. Submit photos to the yearbook. There are thousands of opportunities every day, so take them!


Make the most out of your last year. Remember how you looked up to the seniors before you, and know that’s you now. Keep this year simple and sort out your plans for the future, whether it’s college or trade school or work. Be respectful to your teachers, peers, and underclassmen.

Stay organized, and don’t let senioritis get to you. Get excited about your college plans. Go to prom. Take leadership roles in your clubs. You’re almost through–just keep calm and graduate.

Let’s make the most out of this school year, Warriors!

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