Haley Kelley kicks off 3rd year of Shakespeare birthday celebrations with illustration challenge

For three years, student journalist and avid Shakespeare fan, Haley Kelley, has launched celebrations with CHS in honor of Shakespeare’s birthday and did not disappoint this year.

Shakespeare’s birthday is technically unknown though most high school students remember from their literature classes that April 23 is typically the day celebrated since his baptism occurred April 26 and babies were often baptized within days of their birth due to traditions and high infant mortality rates.

Inspired by this illustration from the Oxford Scholarly Editions Online, Haley thought it would be a fun challenge to take a picture of Shakespeare and see how many quotes could be found in theme with different elements of Shakespeare’s face/body.

The image that inspired this year’s birthday project

Haley spent several hours locating lines from plays that would coordinate with various facial features. She challenges other Shakespeare fans to see if they can take a blank image and do the same.

Can you rise to the challenge? This was a creative way to celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday. Check out previous celebrations from the years past.

2020 (written during quarantine): “Ways to Celebrate Shakespeare’s Birthday”

2019: “A love letter to Shakespeare on his birthday”

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