CHS Governor’s Honors Program Finalists prepare for summer of opportunities

The Governors Honors Program (GHP) is a summer residence study program for high school sophomores and juniors who demonstrate exceptional dedication and abilities in their field as determined by a rigorous application and interview process.

GHP is a four-week summer program (from June 20-July 17) that offers students a different style classroom to provide them with academic, cultural, and social enrichment. Students attend classes at Barry College in specific studies in the morning and afternoon, and participate in social and instructional opportunities in the evening. In addition to the unique and valuable experience gained in a potential career field, the experience would appear impressive on college applications.

Students can apply for the program online, but there are some requirements. There are also many areas of nomination that students could apply.

Students were selected at three levels following teacher recommendation, which included a school, county, and regional selection process. Cherokee High School has four finalists qualifying for this outstanding opportunity. Sarah Liebert, Douglas Mwangi, and Carly Waugh were selected for voice, and Bradon Velueta was selected for math.

Here is what the students said they were most excited for:

“I’m excited for the aspect of studying music with no interruptions for a month with other students who are just as passionate about it as I am.”

Sarah Liebert

 “I am excited for all the new people I’ll meet and all the new music facts I’ll learn as well.

Douglas Mwangi

“I am excited for GHP to learn more about my love of music and spend time singing with people who share the same passion as me.”

Carly Waugh

Why were you interested in joining the program?

“I was excited to join because I have always loved music and have met so many people through the field. This opportunity will simply increase my knowledge in the area and will introduce me to so many other talented musicians.” 

Sarah Liebert

“I was interested in joining at first because I heard that only the best make it to GHP and I wanted to find out if I could match up to their skills and I did it so I could learn more about music and sing with, what I am assuming will be, the best choir in the state.”

Douglas Mwangi

“I was interested in joining because this is what I want to do music as a career and to learn more about it would help me decide exactly what career I am going to decide on.”

Carly Waugh

In addition to courses and electives related to student interests, students have opportunities to participate in other enrichment activities. According to their brochure:

“Students will also have opportunities to participate in daily offerings of structured activities outside of major and elective class time. For example, students have the opportunity to participate in supervised early morning fitness sessions, attend additional rehearsal or studio time in the evening, or engage in structured activities organized by their resident assistant.”

If students are interested in this program for the next year, review the list of eligible areas and reach out to your teacher in this field to discuss the possibility of a nomination. Nominations will be collected in late fall.

Congratulations to CHS and CCSD’s finalists and we wish them the best in this opportunity.

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