A love letter to Shakespeare on his birthday

By Haley Kelley

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My Dearest William,

I cannot express my joy enough that another year has passed with thee in my life. I wish to bestow another year upon thou as I wish you were here with me 

now. I wish I could know thy real birthday for I could celebrate with thee in Heaven. I wish to visit thy hometown of Stratford-Upon-Avon, and visit where thou wenst to school, where you died, and most importantly, I wish I could visit thine honorable Globe Theater, for it burned down before I was born.

I wish to ask you man questions about thy death and thy life. How did thou write thine awe-inspiring poems and plays? I wish to know thy train of thought when thou wer’st writing such classics as, The Tempest, Romeo and Juliet, Othello, Hamlet, and Titus Andronicus. I crave to know thine every thought on this Earth.

Thou art everything to me William, and I wish to enjoy thy company. I wanted to wish thee a very Happy birthday. I long for thee to teach me Latin and Greek, and meet thy beautiful children. I wish to know thy truth, for many believe that Earl of Oxford wrote many of thy plays. I will not hold thee very long, for I wish to believe that thou hast business to attend to, but I wanted to wish thee a beautiful birthday. Thou couldst  honestly haunt me any day.

I give thee all my love,

Thy dearest prowler, Amelia Carter

(pen name)

PS: Apologies if I messed up my early Modern English. I’m still learning.

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