A tribute to the class of 2023 and our senior, Sam

Four years is not long enough.

Over the last four years, Cherokee High School has seen the rise of the class of 2023, one of the school’s most personality-rich graduating classes yet. There have been highs and lows; tears and failed tests, state finals and celebrations. But now, it is time to say goodbye.

The class of 2023 first began their K-12 journey in 2010. Majority of the graduating class began in Cherokee County as well, and attended local elementary schools such as Knox, Hasty, R.M. Moore, Canton, Clayton, and Liberty. Our seniors have come such a long way since they first set foot in a classroom.

And soon, they will be walking across the stage this May 25, and setting off to college and careers in the fall.

My favorite memory from this year is the senior sunrise. I loved hanging out with my friends under a beautiful sky.

– Kayley Owens, graduating senior

Colleges students will be attending in the fall include: Kennesaw State University, University of Georgia, Georgia Southern, and other universities around the Deep South.

My favorite memory from this year was the senior sunrise because I got to hang out with my friends before school, a great way to start the day and senior year.

– Nina Forsythe, graduating senior

The senior sunrise was one of the most popular senior events put on by the student government this year. And this year has been quite eventful–a championship basketball game, several pep rallies, and various senior nights for sports.

A tribute to Sam Dodd

While we will miss all of this year’s graduating class, the Warrior Word takes Sam’s departure personally. Sam Dodd has written for the Warrior Word since her sophomore year and has contributed so much to our team.

Sam’s hobbies include color guard, crochet, makeup, and writing. Next year, Sam will be attending University of West Georgia next year, studying marketing. She also plans to continue her journalism path and color guard.

Samantha is just a brilliant, creative writer. She is an awesome critical thinker, and her sense of calm is a great asset to her team. She has the ability to think outside the box, and make wise decisions, and above all, she is a team player and a compassionate young lady.

– Ms. Birdwell, journalism teacher

Sam has always brought humor and honesty to the newspaper. I personally cannot imagine The Warrior Word without her. She’s been a true inspiration and a talented writer, and we know she is on to achieve great things.

We will miss all of our graduating seniors, but we will miss Sam the most.

Focus on yourself. Your success is more important than what anyone will think of you.

– Samantha Dodd, the icon herself

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