No matter the weather: The class of 2023’s Senior Sunset is a bittersweet success

As the sun sets for this impactful school year, marking the finish line for the class of 2023, we’ve decide to celebrate by watching that sunset—well kind of.

Some may remember that gloomy morning back in August when all of us seniors got together to mark the beginning of our final year at CHS. While that feels so long ago now, the year has come to as close and that hopeful sunrise has faded into a bittersweet sunset.

Unfortunately, the plan to host this annual get together on the football field was foiled when storm warnings invaded Canton. The event was moved into the safety of the new gym, but with only some sprinkles of rain, seniors were able to enjoy Varsity and Kona Ice just outside.

Thanks to our student government and other helping hands, there were so many fun activities to do inside the new gym. Seniors enjoyed the bouncy castles, four square, cornhole, spikeball, writing letters to a teacher, and the raffle. We are so thankful to have amazing peers and faculty for organizing this. Student government would also like to thank,

All the seniors for showing up and making the event a success.

Ashley Lyen

While everyone was excited the event was still on, I think I speak for most of us when I say, we were a little disappointed with the sunset. Thick white clouds filled the sky on May 16th, and not the fluffy kind: dense and foreboding clouds.

However—and I cannot stress this enough—no one let this heartbreaking turn of events prevent them from having a good time. What else can we expect from the class whose freshman year was taken over by the pandemic? They lost half of their freshman year, shared their sophomore year with the virus, and feared its return junior and senior year. The class of ’23 watched their predecessor’s senior years be quickly taken away from them, so they vowed to prevent the same fate.

One thing that the class of 2023 has is perseverance. No virus or dreary sunset was going to stop them from having a fulfilling final send off, and I think this shows a lot about their future.

The senior sunset was such a fun, full circle way to celebrate my time at Cherokee.

Angella Sampogna

It was very nice to see everyone enjoy the last day.

Ethan Hottenstein

I’m glad one of my last memories as a senior was as good as this one.

Stefan Hanson

I had a lot of fun with my friends, chatting and playing four square! Definitely made a lot of memories!

Olivia Thomas

The Warrior Word would like to thank everyone involved in organizing this event. It was an incredible final celebration, marking one more day closer to graduation. This is it seniors; just a few more sunsets left until the 25th.

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