Another successful season for Cherokee High School’s Winterguard

The 2023 winterguard season was in full swing November through April. Having a season all to themselves, the guard showcased their talents without the band, beautifully dancing and spinning to lyrical music.

This is the second year the team has been split into JV and Varsity. By diving the team into two skill sets the Varsity focuses more on difficult tricks while the JV builds technique. Competing in different classes, both groups performed different shows excellently at each competition.


[Photo Credit: Instagram @cherokee.color.guard]

The Varsity group’s show, “Falling,” depicted yearning for love and the indescribable feeling of that love being reciprocated. The show is about learning how to trust someone with the chorus stating, “Will you catch me if I fall for you?”

The team did an incredible job conveying that emotion into their performance. The synchrony and intricacy of the flag and weapon work made the show breathtaking. Moving ladders were also incorporated into the work as props, adding to the difficulty and overall visual effect.

Varsity competed in five local competitions, competing against incredibly skilled groups. With each competition, their scores only improved, proving their hard work and practice paid off.


  • Cass HS- 56.21
  • River Ridge HS- 61.46
  • South Forsyth HS- 67.83
  • Harrison HS- 70.01
  • Kell HS- 76.28

What did the shows theme mean to you?

To know that I have so many people around me that I can count on if I fall. I know they will be there to catch me.

Natalie Brock, Senior

How do you feel about the season compared to past years?

This season of guard has definitely challenged me more physically and it allowed me to become better at guard as a whole.

Erika Sams, Junior


[Photo Credit: Instagram @cherokee.color.guard]

Completely contrasting to Varsity’s show, JV performed, “The Circles All Around Us.” The show was based on a book with the same title, urging people to trust one another. By inviting others into your “circle,” we can be stronger together. Unity is strength is a big idea represented in the show, as seen in the many instances of partner work that the guard performs excellently throughout the show.

For a team made solely of underclassmen and “rookies” the overall presentation and execution of the show was incredible. The varsity is in very good hands in years to come thanks to these hardworking upcoming performers.

JV’s scores also improved drastically throughout the season, competing against many talented groups statewide.


  • Cass HS- 59.63
  • River Ridge HS- 72.25
  • South Forsyth HS- 75.63
  • Kell HS- 72.35

What did the show’s theme mean to you?

It was the first show that I was in that truly felt personal.

Erin Gilleland, Sophomore

How do you feel about this season?

We all had so much fun together and there was never a dull moment. I’m extremely grateful for all the time i got to spend with my teammates!

Savanna William, Sophomore

SAPA Championships

The teams traveled to Chattanooga to compete in the annual SAPA Championship. SAPA (Southern Association for Preforming Arts) hosted an entire weekend dedicated to showcasing talents of all levels at the McKenzie Arena. With cadet groups of middle schoolers one day and world class the next, the entire weekend was a blast!

With our guards right in the middle, the groups performed their hearts out, making our school and our music program very proud.

The Warrior Word would like to congratulate the guard on another job well done and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future!

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