What is Chat GPT and why does it matter?

Artificial intelligence is becoming a little less artificial with the recent development of Chat GPT. The media has recently been swarming this new technological development, but what exactly is Chat GPT? And how does it affect the online world today?

What is Chat GPT?

Chat GPT, created by Open AI, is a simulated chat with language-based artificial intelligence that draws on information from sources across the internet. In simpler terms, you can now “talk” with an AI bot, hold a conversation, and ask it questions.

This is revolutionary for the tech world, and now the technology industry is rapidly evolving toward generative AI, at speeds unseen since the first release of the iPhone.

Above: the opening page on Open AI’s Chat GPT. Once you search your first question, the interface switches to a chat format. [Photo credit: Open AI]

The most significant feature of Chat GPT is that it responds in a conversational way that mimics humans. Chat GPT can also generate stories, poems, articles, code, recipes, and so much more.

Instead of pulling up thousands of results like a search bar, Chat GPT instead absorbs information from across the Internet, processes this, and compacts this information into a generated answer in an easy to understand response.

Why does it matter?

Chat GPT has raised lots of questions in the technology field, and has proved to be both helpful and harmful.

While Chat GPT was originally designed for customer service, its uses have expanded so much farther than that.

First of all, Chat GPT has made plagiarizing easier than ever. Now, students (and lazy coworkers) can simply ask Chat GPT to write their assignment or report for them, and the answer should bypass any plagiarism check as it was not a published response on the internet.

Above: An example of Chat GPT asking a question. Notice how the bot provides an answer in an easy to understand paragraph, as opposed to producing multiple sources that take more time to dig through. [Photo credit: Lablab.ai]

Additionally, Chat GPT is not always accurate. The bot struggles with logic questions and will sometimes even argue for incorrect facts. OpenAI is aware of this and is working to develop a more accurate and efficient chat bot.

There are various problems with Chat GPT and several debates over its uses; Open AI has continued to develop more versions of Chat GPT with minor bug fixes and alterations.

Other companies have also developed their own versions of Chat GPT, such as Bing’s version, known as Sydney. Chat GPT is one of the most rapidly expanding fields at the moment and several start-up tech companies have already pushed toward expanding Chat GPT.

Creators on social media have publicly pushed the boundaries of Chat GPT by asking philosophical questions, teasing the bot, and following everything from schedules to crochet patterns the bot has generated.

Chat GPT is still in its early development stages, but one thing is certain: the way we search, communicate, and research online will never be the same.

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