This is Cherokee: CHS told through photography, Part 2

With a focus on Cherokee North, this is another photography-grounded article that examines Cherokee under a more creative lens.

A photographic journey of Cherokee High School, in August of 2022.

View part one for more photographs.

In open air

Cherokee is split between two buildings, leaving plenty of space for time indoors and outdoors.

In summer, the trees are in full bloom.

Cherokee is built to alternate between courtyard and hallway.

Makenzie Bird, junior

Heading North

Once Canton Elementary, now Cherokee North is a second building for freshmen to prevent overcrowding.

The student-to-teacher ratio is 17:1, higher than the Georgia state level of 14:1.

The Public School Review

Once a playground, the fenced area at North is now used for students as an outdoor recreational space, with several tables and plants.

The star of the Spanish department

Profe Coury, a Spanish II teacher, still draws a crowd of student visitors from Main.

Profe captured blowing bubbles for his students, while wearing a miniature sombrero.

Known as one of the more creative and out-of-the-box teachers, Profe Coury always finds ways to entertain his students.

He connects with his students on a real level. I still drop by his room to say hello, even though my classes are at Main.

Grace McPherson, junior

Taking the stairs

Bold yellow stripes mark the stairway between campuses. Modeled by Skyler Irish, junior.


Cherokee is more than just a building (or two, or three) but a community. Generations have walked through these hallways, and now they pass the torch on to us. Upon a closer examination and through the lens of a photographer, Cherokee is a good school and we’re lucky to be here.

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