Masks off! Minecraft YouTuber, Dream, finally unveils his face

Fans, bystanders, and haters were stunned on Oct. 1 when the popular YouTube gamer, Dream, finally released his long anticipated face reveal. Until now, the reclusive content creator spent years uploading videos without ever showing his face, but due to desires to become more involved and without the stress.

I’ve been bunkered up. The people trying to leak my face, trying to find out what I look like… it’s just a tiny bit too much.

Dream [Quote Source: Forbes]

According to YouTube’s Official Blog, Dream was ranked second top trending creator of 2020, and his fame has been building ever since. His popularity sky rocketed over the pandemic when his “Minecraft Manhunts” and speedruns topped the trending page with nearly every post.

After accumulating over 30 million subscribers, Dream became a big topic for the internet. While a lot of the attention was fans expressing positivity, there were many trolls who took the opportunity to call the streamer “cringey.”

Likewise, the attention Dream recieved after the unveiling, was a mixture of praise and loathing.

The Timeline

Friday, Sept. 23 the gaming YouTuber uploads to Twitter:

After this, fans flood the internet with their thoughts on Dream’s soon to come face real. Overjoyed, but also hesitant, they realize their imagined image of one of their favorite content creators is about to change forever.

For years, Dream’s fans adored and stuck by him without ever knowing what he looks like, truly demonstrating that love lies beyond the surface.

On Sunday, Oct. 2 Dream posts this to Twitter:

And the internet goes wild. Fans are ecstatic, and even people that don’t follow his content are eager to finally see what he looks like.

As the internet anxiously waits for updates concerning the face reveal, Twitter and TikTok users post about what they believe Dream will look like. Some post original drawings of their guesses, while others take the opportunity to be funny, uploading the most outlandish guesses. Some include internet personnel that already exist such as James Charles and Johnny Orlando.

Sunday, Oct. 2 9:00 sharp:

The live countdown begins, and viewers eagerly wait in the comments, spamming the chat. Then, the video begins; Dream’s face is once again covered by his classic smiley mask. He teases the viewers for a few minutes expressing his anxiety about never filming in front of a camera before. He then takes off the mask, ending the dreadful anticipation, leaving fans astonished.

After that, there was no delay in people posting their thoughts about his appearance. Many fans and supporters expressed positive thoughts on how proud and excited there we’re for him.

Unfortunately, many people were expecting more out of his appearance, and turned to Twitter to spread hate. Soon the media was filled with memes and tweets about Dream’s appearance, camera angles, facial expressions and many other superficial qualities.

This situation truly exemplifies the problem with cyber bullying. While some people may have thought his content to be cringy, this intensity of hate never occurred until after he showed his face.

Luckily Dream has also had an uproar of support from his fans, but unfortunately, not everyone has that luxury. So, it’s important to always be kind—even on the internet.

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