This is Cherokee: CHS captured in photographs, Part 1

This article is not intended to be read as a traditional article, but for perusal of photography and student insights.

The view through a camera lens of Cherokee is the same view of any student’s eyes; the only change is perspective. If you just look past the white cinder blocks, you will begin to find the small, everyday details that make our school unique.

A photographic tour of Cherokee High School, in August of 2022.

The great indoors

The 300 hallway, captured upside down.

These [painted ceiling] tiles are a tradition that began many years ago at Cherokee, and one that continues today.

Celebrating Cherokee’s creative ceiling tiles, past article

How come that one vending machine only sells Takis?

Erika Sams, junior

In the classroom

I think interactive learning helps with cementing ideas that are already present, and like [cereal day in Mrs. Peterson’s class] helped continue our knowledge of rhetorical skills. Also it’s fun!

Caleb Christian, junior
The Early Childhood Education room during out-of-office hours.

Above: Bayli van Adrighem models perfect push-up stance in the Old Gym.

We have three gyms but only one band room! I think that the old gym in main can go since it’s the oldest. We could transform it.

Donny Cucci, senior

We’re taking photos while I’m in this costume?

Matthew Hughes, junior

Our department is preparing a production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and I just spent a lot of money on this Wonka costume.

Dr. Burn, theater director

The cafeteria

Several students gave their opinion on the school cafeteria.

I like how they feed the leftover food to the horses.

Ronan Topham, sophomore

One bin stands in the corner of the cafeteria where students can put their leftover fruits. The contents are then donated to a local stable.

Food is food and I’ll eat any food.

Michael Cochran, sophomore

I only eat food from home, but I’m sure [cafeteria food] is absolutely delicious.

Collin Irish, freshman

Student favorites from the cafeteria include orange chicken and Crispidos.

It sustains us as we go through our stages of life.

Ammon Rubini, junior

Wise words from junior Ammon Rubini.

The art room

Easels and the drying rack captured in dramatic grayscale. [Photo credit: Makenzie Bird]

The art room is a complete different environment from the rest of the school.

Kayley Owens, senior


The building may just be white walls, white floors, and standardized lighting, but the details around us tell pieces of our stories. Cherokee may not be known for having the highest level of school spirit, but if you look around, there is something in which to take pride.

Part two coming soon!

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