Time to BeReal: What’s the REAL hype?

Everyone, stop what you’re doing…it’s time to BeReal. Only 2 minutes left to capture a BeReal and see what your friends are up to.

This is the important notification that all BeReal users anticipate every day, but what does it mean? What’s the hype over yet another picture-based social media app?

Let’s BeReal here

BeReal is a photo sharing app focused on creating a real and authentic social media experience with no filters, challenging users to share pictures of what’s going on in their real lives rather than choosing and editing every small detail of their photo before posting it on Instagram.

The goal of BeReal is to get rid of the typical posting of highlight reels on apps like Instagram, and instead put a more fun and casual twist on sharing photos.

The daily notification sent out by the BeReal app [Source: CNBC]

At completely random and uncoordinated times, BeReal will send out a notification. After getting the daily BeReal notification, users are expected to open the app and take a picture in 2 minutes.

However, it’s not just any picture. Two separate pictures are taken from the front and back camera at the same time, allowing users to post a picture of themselves, but also show what’s going on in front of them.

The BeReals are then sent out to everyone the user has added as a friend on the app and can be viewed by others on the “My Friends” browsing page. Comments can be left on others’ BeReals, as well as reaction selfies called “RealMojis.”

BeReal or BeFake?

If users choose not to post their BeReal when the notification goes off or don’t have enough time to take the picture, they can still participate, but there’s a small catch!

Any BeReals that are posted after the 2 minute time frame provided when the notification is sent are considered late BeReals and will show the user’s friends how long they posted it after the notification.

The app does allow retakes, but continues to create an authentic experience by publicly displaying how many times the picture is retaken. Photos can be taken down at any time after being posted, but only one repost is allowed per day.

BeReal? BeViral

As BeReal continues to take over the Internet, many opinions and thoughts are being shared, and new BeReal related trends are starting to go viral.

TikTok users have started posting videos of them asking strangers to take their daily picture for them and have also posted compilations of the “Realmojis” they’ve received on some of their out-of-the-ordinary posts.

Jokes have been made about the best and worst times for the BeReal to go off as another TikTok trend shows users posting about “times the BeReal notification has had the perfect timing,” while then proceeding to show some of their favorite BeReals.

People have started taking BeReal very seriously and have gone to serious measures in order to post on time. Some have even shot their BeReal during funerals and while visiting loved ones in the hospital. One BeReal shared on TikTok even shows the aftermath of a house fire.

Being real around Cherokee

Meanwhile, at Cherokee, students have started using BeReal in super fun and creative ways, getting their friends and even different teachers involved! Here are some BeReals taken by Cherokee Students!

BeReal has created a super fun and unique new way to connect with others authentically, and it’s so cool seeing the social impact of the new app. Now turn on your notifications…it might be time to BeReal.

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