Course rundown: What is Engineering?

Here at CHS, there are many tech classes to choose from. Allowing students to test the waters before diving into a career. By taking the engineering class, students participate in fun activities to enrich their understanding and prepare them for a future in the field.

Mr. Pinkett is the engineering teacher at CHS and students adore his easygoing personality. After a hardy career in the field, Mr. Pinkett decided to become a teacher after retirement. This is his 5th year teaching, and currently has no plans to stop.

What do you enjoy most about teaching this class?

I like to see how the students mature and change from when I first meet them as 9th graders right to the time of graduation.

Would you recommend this class to anyone interest in engineering?

I think if you’re interested in technology, science, and emerging technology, I think you should take it. It offers you a chance to expand your vision of what’s possible to do with technology.

Mr Pinkett educates his students not only on the fundamentals of engineering, but also focuses on how creating inventions is a gateway to helping people and benefiting society. I interviewed some of his students and here is what they had to say about him:

What are some of your thoughts on Mr. Pinkett?

He’s an interesting character. I love him as a teacher, and he is an overall great guy.

Holden Walker, Junior

My Pinkett is a very craft guy. He can be sarcastic and funny. He’s a very fun guy to be around.

Gabriel Aka, Senior

In this course students dive into the history of engineering and how it has adapted to what it is today. For instance, a unit in the class concentrates on energy technology, focusing on the types of renewable and nonrenewable energy and what they mean for the future.

Some fun lessons that are offered include the pen building process. Where students are given the tools necessary to create their own pen from scratch. There are also bridge building activities, and projects involving a 3-D printer.

The class is more than just theoretical. We apply knowledge to build skills.

Mr. Pinkett

This course is available for three years. Year one is foundations, year two is concepts, and finally applications in year three. After students complete all three years they have the opportunity to do work based learning where they pursue a job in engineering before graduating.

Additionally at graduation, students are given a certificate for completing all three years in the course. Even better, there is a certification for OSHA to give graduates a head start in beginning their career. Mr. Pinkett also emphasizes how a career in this field is well paying, and does not always require a college degree.

Engineering also has a club, Technology Student Association (TSA), which is a great way to get involved even if not in the class. Members design projects that they will use to compete with other students in the state. From here they can acquire knowledge and ideas from other teams as well as discover how well their invention contributes to society.

Why did you take this class and has it changed your thoughts on doing engineering as a career?

I originally took this class just for the basic knowledge of how to use technology to design things, but now I understand engineering more in depth and how to perfect the things I design.

Mckinley Holmes, president of the TSA club

This class has definitely changed my thoughts on doing this as a career. I wanted to take this class because my childhood revolved around building Legos, trips to Lowes, and other stuff like that. So, when I found out the school was offering it I thought it would be interesting to see the difference between toys and the real thing.

Landon Gables, Senior

We hope this article offers an insight into Engineering as a course, and inspires those interested to enroll in the class or join the TSA club. Also, a big thank you to Mr. Pinkett for giving me the rundown on this class, and inspiring all your students to design a greater future for the world.

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