Riverstone introduces Cloud Tea Boba Shop, a perfect after-school hangout

Imagine a time when you don’t have to drive to downtown Woodstock to grab some boba. Well, now that dream is a reality because Cloud Tea has come to Riverstone.

Also known as bubble tea, boba is a Taiwanese chilled drink consisting mainly of juice or sweetened milk, as well as tapioca pearls. For those unfamiliar, tapioca is a starch derived from the cassava root, but it tastes similar to Jello.

Cloud Tea currently offers 10 fruity flavors of drink and pearls, such as mango, pineapple and passion fruit. Additionally, milk-based signature drinks are available for those looking for a creamy beverage.

A cup of tasty, colorful boba leaves a trail of vapor (taken by Melody Parton) uploaded to google reviews.

But what makes Cloud Tea different from any other boba place? Well, a lot actually.

First, the atmosphere is perfect for photo ops. Flowers, vines, and Polaroids cover most of the walls, which provide an aesthetic background for your Instagram feeds.

Erika Sams poses in front of one of the flowery backdrops to show off her fruity drink to her Instagram followers.

However, it’s not just the building that’s aesthetic, but the drinks, too! The boba barista makes the exchange personal by pouring the juice right in front of you. Additionally, Cloud Tea drops a piece of dry ice into the cup before pouring, so the drink has a bubbly, steaming effect. This is a super cool feature that not all boba places offer.

Currently, the price of a small is $5.99 and a large is $7, but Cloud Tea offers many discounts to not only promote the shop, but also encourage guests to come back. Customers can post a photo of their drink—potentially with the awesome backdrops— and shout out the shop on social media for 10% off their order. Additionally, getting your photo taken and having your smile joining the Polaroid wall will also grant a 10% off discount.

Thanks to all the social media representation, a lot of students from Cherokee have already visited Cloud Tea and had an exciting experience.

It’s such a cheerful environment with very good boba! A great place to bring your friends and family.

Paige Hirt, Senior

It’s really good and the employees are really sweet.

Elijah Bobak, Senior

What’s your order?

I got a passion fruit boba with peach pearls and I literally could not stop drinking it! It was amazing!

Erika Sams, Junior

I love the caramel milk tea.

Melody Parton, Senior

Without a doubt, Cloud Tea has already made a huge impact on Canton. As students, teachers and parents come again and again for a perfect after school hangout.

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