CHS Varsity Girls Basketball crushes Raiders in a tribute to seniors

On Friday night, our Varsity Girls Basketball Team played their last game against Alpharetta before the playoffs and was able to capture the big win, the final score being 64-29! The fantastic game also happened to be on Senior Night, so the players, fans, coaches and parents were caught in a whirlwind of emotions throughout the night.

The student section did not disappoint, either, as the students dressed in camo for spirit night, ready to cheer on their fellow Warriors.

To open the night, the JROTC led the Pledge of Allegiance on center court. Then, the starting line-ups were announced, and thus began the seniors’ special night.

The girls were never behind in points, as they led by at least 10 after every quarter. The team never faltered once and captured the win with ease; the first quarter ended with a score of 17-7, the second as 34-16, third 50-18 and ultimately ending the game with a 25-point lead.

Senior Night: Cheer

Even though the Lady Warriors won the game on the court, our Warriors on the sidelines can’t be forgotten. Seven basketball cheerleaders will graduate this year, along with 6 female basketball players.

Our basketball cheer squad shared multiple photos on their Instagram, including gift baskets, a pre-game celebration and special squad photos for our seniors.

[Source: chs_basketballcheer via Instagram]

[Photos of the senior cheerleaders during the game.]

Senior Night: Basketball

The Varsity team holds 6 graduating seniors this year, and each played a vital role in their victory on Friday and their success throughout the season. Our seniors are:

  • Kinley Booth
  • Presli Clark
  • Skylar Edwards
  • Lilly Griffith
  • Karoline Karl
  • Keimarya Rivera

We’ve asked multiple seniors to reflect on their high school careers and what the future holds.

Senior Spotlight: Kinley Booth

Kinley Booth has been in the Cherokee basketball program for five years. She shared that she doesn’t plan to play basketball in college, but will major in business while attending Clemson or UGA. She loves country music, has three brothers and two sisters, and her favorite color is blue! Her most memorable moment during her high school career was senior night, when she got called out of the game for the last time and hugged all her coaches and teammates.

“I have learned to persevere through the challenging practices and to keep going when things get hard. Coach Cates has taught me the value of working as a team, and that being a part of the basketball team wasn’t only to try to win a state championship, it was about much more than that. It was about motivating each other to be a better version of themselves each day, and it was about making friendships that will last a lifetime.”

Kinley Booth

[Photos of Booth during the game.]

Senior Spotlight: Karoline Karl

Karoline Karl has been in the Cherokee basketball program since 6th grade. She is excited to attend Vanderbilt University, though she will not play basketball there. She is currently unsure what major she will be pursuing.

As she reflects on what she has learned the most playing for Cherokee, she stated that it has taught her how important hard work and dedication is in order to succeed in something about which you’re passionate. She also points out the success the team has had, and she said with each region championship win to Elite 8 and final four appearances in the state tournament, each season has been unforgettable. Above all, she shares that she is grateful to have been a part of the program.

“Playing for Coach Cates, I have learned discipline and tough love,” she states, as she emphasizes the “tough”. ”I have also learned the importance of teamwork. I’ve grown as a player, but most importantly, a person.”

One of my favorite memories was a team dinner we had when Coach Cates took all of us out to O’Charley’s. Granted, we might’ve caused a shortage of their [bread] rolls, but this is just one memory I’ll always cherish.”

Karoline Karl

Looking toward the future, Karl aims to travel the world- specifically London, Amsterdam, Thailand and the Netherlands. She also mentioned she wants to live in New York for a time. Her favorite color is light blue, and her favorite TV show is ”The Office!”

[Photos of Karl during the game.]

Senior Spotlight: Lilly Griffith

Lilly Griffith has played basketball for Cherokee for 6 years, and this year will be her 7th. She is currently undecided on whether she wants to play basketball in college or where she would like to attend. After playing basketball for Cherokee, the main lesson she learned was to give it everything she had because she was playing for her teammates, coaches and school. Winning the team’s fifth region title in a row last year was her most memorable moment. She also mentioned that she is very skilled at hula-hooping!

[Photos of Griffith during the game.]

After the game ended, the magical scene was soon set up, and the announcer began calling the seniors one-by-one over the loudspeaker. The seniors were given bouquets of flowers and then walked through the bridge of balloons with their family, all while being saluted by the JROTC.

[The student section holds cardboard-cutouts in support of the seniors throughout the night.]

Looking Forward

Overall, the team had a tremendously successful season, as their season win-lose ratio is 19-4, Region included, with 8 Region wins and only one loss. Since their last regular season game was senior night, the team looks ahead toward their next games- the Region Tournament, which will last from Saturday – 2/19.

Congratulations to Toni Warren and Karoline Karl for making 1st team All-Region, and to Lilly Griffith and Keimarya Rivera for making 2nd team All-Region! Also, congratulations on your recent commitment to LaGrange, Skylar!

Good luck to our Lady Warriors in their off-season, and congratulations, Seniors, on the amazing accomplishments you have overcome through your high school years! The Warrior Word is proud of you and can’t wait to see what the future holds for you all next!

Photo Credit:

  • Basketball posters: L80warriors via Twitter

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