To be or not to be: Valentine’s Day at CHS

This Valentine’s Day, The Warrior Word conducted a survey, asking the student body their plans, memories, and gift ideas for the upcoming holiday. While some students believe the day is commercial, others decided to go all out, giving us some clever responses…

How do you plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day?

There are a lot of homebodies at CHS, stating their plans for the holiday was to stay in bed and watch Netflix. Many said they didn’t mind not having plans and were comfortable spending the day alone. Some expressed a longing for someone to share Valentine’s Day with. Others, sighed with relief.

By myself, in my bed

Michelle Cruz, Senior

Alone in my room

Lacy Jackson, Junior

However, there were just as many students excited about spending the day with their partner, and a few discussed plans made with their friend group. Girlfriends told us about elaborate dinners, painting, and stay-at-home dates. Boyfriends told us they hoped they could stay awake after staying up the previous night watching the Super Bowl.

With my boo thang!

Natalie Brock, Junior

I’m going to do a puzzle with my friend

Emma Gooch, Junior

Baking cakes with my dog

Emmy Gross, Freshman

Most notable Valentine’s day memory?

Here at CHS, we have students from all different parts of the world, different states, different counties, and even some who have been in Canton their whole lives. Regardless of where you come from or who you are, Valentine’s Day is embarrassing—especially when you’re young.

The student body did not disappoint. They shared some of their most humiliating Valentine’s Day memories.

MasonOne Valentine’s Day when I was younger, the school was selling candy grahams. They looked really good, and I decided to buy myself one. Some girl asked me who it was for. I couldn’t tell her I bought it for myself because I didn’t want to seem like a loser, so I just gave it to her.
MakenzieMy school had an event where if we guessed the correct number of candies in a jar, we could win a prize. When I got close to the glass jar to examine the candy, I accidentally tripped, and the jar fell with me. Glass and candy shattered everywhere.
JackIn middle school I received a candy graham from a “secret admirer,” but I quickly figured out it was from a girl I was absolutely NOT interested in. Of course I couldn’t let it go to waste, so I ate it and never spoke to her again.
PaigeOn a recent Valentine’s Day I went to my boyfriends house to celebrate. We baked and bought so many sweets to snack on; I legitimately ate so much I passed out in his room.
Stories are paraphrased for spatial and entertainment purposes.

Thankfully, most of these embarrassing experiences happened so long ago no one even remembers it—except now it’s in the newspaper.

Even so there are plenty of good memories that come from this holiday. Like giving and receiving valentines from all of your classmates in grade school.

Specifically, the Fun Dip

Erin Gilleland, Freshman

Personally, my family and I always come together to dip various fruits in melted chocolate for Valentine’s Day fondue. It’s a tradition I always look forward to, and some of my favorite memories.

What is the best gift to give your significant other?

When asked what’s the best gift to give your significant other, the classic chocolate, stuffed animals, and roses were brought up, but not often. These traditional gifts were pushed aside by today’s new inventions and desires. Unsurprisingly, Squishmallows stole the lead for best gift.

New Valentine’s Day Squishmallows [Source: Claire’s]

The soft, squishy, and huggable design of these new age stuffed animals took the world by storm just in the past couple years. Squishmallow took advantage of their popularity, creating a Valentine’s day collection that is already sold out at Claire’s. The adorable plushie is a perfect gift for couples and even friends.

However, Squishmallows aren’t the only gift idea the students came up with; CHS is filled with innovative thinkers who met the challenge.

Some honorable mentions are:

But gifts aren’t what makes Valentine’s Day special: it’s about sharing love. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a superficial waste of money. As long as you’re happy, the gifts and the plans don’t matter. It’s the memories you make that counts.

The Warrior Word would like to thank everyone who participated in the interviews and wish all students and staff a very happy Valentine’s Day!

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