Is the second season of “Outer Banks” living up to the hype?

The popular Netflix series “Outer Banks” is about a group of teenagers and their journey to track down lost treasure. The second season came out July 30th, and some are questioning if it is truly as good as the first.

John B and his friends will stop at nothing to get what is truly theirs. (image credit)

Season 1 of Outer Banks has a 71% on Rotten Tomatoes , and Season 2 has an 86%. The critics are conveying that the second season has a better reception than Season 1. Rotten Tomatoes critic Steve Greene writes, “It’s easy to imagine that fans of “Outer Banks” watching Season 2 will find much of what they’re searching for.”

I interviewed people about the second season of Outer Banks and this is what they had to say.

What about the second season did you like or dislike?

I loved that they kept the sense of mystery, while also showing the adventure of a lifetime.

-Maya Weaver

Was the second season worth the wait and why?

Yes, the second season is the best season of any show I have ever watched.

-Rowan Fagan

Does the season two of “Outer Banks” live up to the hype and expectations of everyone and how?

I think everyone expected it to be amazing, and that’s just what it was; I don’t think it was horrible or better than what I expected. It was exactly how I imagined it would be.

-Maya Weaver

It is safe to say that the second season of “Outer Banks” did meet the expectations of the public. We are all looking forward to the future seasons of this show, anticipating their upcoming crazy adventures.

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