CHS Varsity Football undaunted by Roswell Hornets

The CHS Varsity Football Team suffered a loss in their seventh game of the season on Friday, October 8, against the Roswell Hornets at Tommy Baker Field with a final score of 41-13. The Warriors remain optimistic, though, viewing the game as an opportunity for growth before they face Etowah for the big homecoming game this week.

The Cherokee vs. Roswell game was selected as Georgia Public Broadcasting’s game of the week to be broadcasted live on Georgia Public Broadcasting’s website. GPB chooses one Georgia high school football game each week to be broadcasted live. The game is typically a big game or one expected to be close.

The game began as Cherokee kicked off to Roswell. Roswell scored two touchdowns and one PAT in the first quarter. Cherokee came back to get one rushing touchdown by quarterback, AJ Swann, with 6 seconds left in the first quarter, ending the quarter with a score of 13-6.

Quarterback, AJ Swann on the carry for a touchdown in the first quarter.

Roswell scored two touchdowns during the second quarter and made both PATs. During the third, Roswell picked up another touchdown, ending the third quarter with a score of 34-7.

The Hornets scored another touchdown and PAT late in the fourth quarter. Cherokee came back and put up one last touchdown with a 17-yard pass to wide receiver, Peyton Butler, at the last second, ending the game with a score of 41-13.

Cherokee now holds a 3-4 record.

Tommy Baker Field’s stands were packed with pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

[Pictured: Top Row: Hope Stahl, Emma Johnson, Ashley Kay, Makenzie Pruett, Anna Kate Carroll, Natalia Broome
Bottom Row: Lilly Graves, Johnna Kelly, Kate Crotty, Ashlyn Chan]
[Pictured: Landon Bennett, DJ Potts-Heard, Lex Kenny, Luke Ortiz]

Very tough game versus a great team and even though we didn’t win, we learned a lot from that game, and we’ll continue to build our character based on how we fight these last few regular season games, and it was awesome to see a packed Tommy Baker.

Jaxon Holcomb, Defensive End

This was an amazing game. I don’t have much to say, but it goes to our D Line. They played an amazing game and just need to keep it up for next week.

Javon Hobson, Defensive End

Player Stats

#2 Aidan Moore: Aidan had four carries, nine rushing yards, 10 receiving yards. He had one kick off return of 19 yards and one fumble.

#3 Weston Bergman: Weston had one solo tackle and one assist.

#4 Toby Thompson: Toby had 39 receiving yards, four solo tackles, and two assists. He hurried the QB once and had one TFL (Tackle for Loss).

#5 Caleb Richardson: Caleb had eight receiving yards.

#5 Joel Stahl: Joel had two kickoffs and two touchbacks. He punted four times for a total of 160 yards and scored one PAT.

#7 Kyan Simmons: Kyan had six solo tackles, three assists, and one TFL (Tackle for Loss). He hurried the QB once.

#8 Peyton Butler: Peyton had 34 receiving yards and one receiving touchdown.

#8 Jaxon Holcomb: Jaxon had one solo tackle and one assist.

#9 Keegan Baker: Keegan had three solo tackles and one kickoff return with a total of 12 yards.

#10 AJ Swann: AJ had 194 passing yards and 16 complete passes out of 23. He had 10 carries, 21 rushing yards, and one rushing touchdown. He had one fumble.

#10 Sean Follmer: Sean had one solo tackle and one assist.

#11 Jayce Jones: Jayce had one assist and one interception.

#12 Adarius Harshaw: Adarius had 33 receiving yards. He had two kickoff returns with a total of 34 yards.

#14 Tyler Goddard: Tyler had four solo tackles and three assists.

#15 Daniel Young: Daniel had eight solo tackles and three assists.

#19 Kaden Jameson: Kaden had 58 receiving yards.

#21 Morgan Cox: Morgan had 15 solo tackles and five assists. He hurried the QB once.

#22 Ryan O’Keefe: Ryan had two assists.

#23 Dominique Jordan: Dominique had two carries and five rushing yards.

#25 Zi Johnson: Zi had four carries and 12 receiving yards. He had two kickoff returns for a total of 24 yards and one fumble.

#30 Javon Hobson: Javon had six solo tackles, two assists, and one sack. He hurried the QB once.

#60 Tanner Dollyhigh: Tanner had one solo tackle and one assist. He hurried the QB once.

#97 Jeremiah Thomas: Jeremiah had two assists.


Pre Game:

Post Game:

[All Photo Credit: Claire Green]

The team battled hard in their second home game of the season. We are proud of our CHS Varsity Football Warriors for their dedicated work.

The Warriors will take on Etowah for the big homecoming game, Friday, Oct. 15, at 7:30 p.m. on Tommy Baker Field, and the theme will be Warrior Pride. Come out and support your Warriors as they face the Eagles.

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