Squid Game review

Squid Game is an action-packed Korean drama, released September 17 and originally in Korean. It involves hundreds of players competing in children’s games with a deadly twist for extremely large amounts of cash.

The new Netflix original series has reached No. 1 in just four days; it broke the record for the fastest time to reach No. 1 for a non-English show.

(Spoilers and Opinions Ahead)

The show follows characters as they go through a series of children’s games to obtain money. The show contains many scenes intended for a mature audience, as well as many extremely gory scenes.


What did you think of the main character Seong Gi-Hun?

He is the worst father, and he cannot keep any money to his name whatsoever.

-Rowan Fagan

What did you think of each of the games they played during the show?

They were unique; I’ve never seen some of them, especially the one where they are cutting the shapes in the cookies.

-Javier Gonzalez

What did you think of the ending?

I felt as if the ending wrapped up the entire season and left most questions answered; however, it also left room for the series to grow and expand.

-Maya Weaver

The show has many twists and turns, but it seems to have captivated a large audience. Let’s hope we get more episodes of this fantastic show, and soon.

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