Make Way! Service League’s annual Riverfest consumes Etowah River park in late September

When the leaves start falling off their trees, you know Service League’s annual Riverfest is right around the block – or river! The Service League of Cherokee County welcomes their 37th year of Riverfest on Saturday, Sept. 25, and Sunday, Sept. 26.

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Due to The COVID-19 restrictions last year, the committee was not allowed to operate the festival in 2020. Fortunately, the festival was cleared to run the event again earlier this year.

About Service League

Serving the children of Cherokee County, GA for more than 80 years

Service League was founded in 1935 and is the oldest volunteer service organization in Cherokee County. The League has an estimate of 100 women who commit ten years of their lives to the service of the children of Cherokee County. These gracious women do not get paid for their service, but rather give and sacrifice out of the kindness of their hearts.

The Chairwoman (President) of Service League is Lori Karnes. She has been involved in Service League since 2005.

“I joined Service League of Cherokee County in March 2013. I am currently serving as the President of the League. I have chaired two of our fundraisers, including our Annual Ball and our largest fundraiser, Riverfest, an arts and crafts show consisting of over 200 vendors, concessionaires, children’s activities booths, and live entertainment. We raise money for local children in need.”

Lori Karnes

The Chairwoman for Riverfest is Ashley Carlile. Carlile is also a well-known divorce and family lawyer in Cherokee County. She was also the Riverfest Vice Chairwoman to Lori Karnes in 2019.

I joined the Service League of Cherokee County in 2014 to find a away to give back to our community. I had no idea of the sisterhood that I was embarking on. There is nothing like working alongside 99 other women to raise money for children in our community. This year I am the Chair of the 37th Riverfest Arts & Crafts Festival. The festival is being held on September 25th and 26th at Etowah River Park. The gates open at 10:00. Please come out and see us (rain or shine) and help us raise money for children in need in Cherokee County.

Ashley Carlile

Service League hosts other fundraisers though the year, such as the Reindeer Run and Golfing Fore Children. Learn more about the annual Reindeer Run event by clicking here, and click this link to read more about their newer fundraiser, Golfing Fore Children.

Riverfest activities and details

The record-breaking crowd event is an annual festival at the end of September in which all funds go to needy children in Cherokee County. It is the largest and most well-known fundraiser Service League hosts. The event features activities for both adults and children, such as a children’s area, which includes arts and crafts, a kiddie train ride, inflatable bounce houses, a petting zoo (with hand sanitizer provided), and bungee jumping!

For adults, vendors from all over Cherokee County, North Georgia, and the Atlanta area come and share their homemade creations and treats with the community. Food trucks and carnival games will also be set up throughout the park to spark interest in children and adults alike. There will also be live entertainment where singers and dancers will perform on stage throughout the two days.

[Images: Photos from past years of Riverfest]

While you are at Riverfest, you can also enter in raffles and contests for a variety of prizes.

[Image: A contest winner poses with two League members.]
  • Address: 600 Brown Industrial Parkway, Canton GA 30114
  • Opens Saturday September 25 @ 10am – 6pm and ends Sunday September 26 @ 10am – 5pm
  • Admission for adults and children 11 and up – $5
  • 100% of the profits made from Riverfest goes straight back into the community to aid needy children in Cherokee County
[Image: A League member assists children in the arts and crafts booth.]

[Images: The kiddie area is fun for adults, too!]

Please come out and support the Service League’s terrific event to raise money for kids in need! We would love to see you there!

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  1. Thanks for posting about this great event!
    Hopefully this year’s festival wil be a great success for the children in need!


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