Reindeer Run raises funds to support Cherokee County children

By Madison Bowden

The Service League held their annual Reindeer Run this past Saturday at Etowah River Park.

Pictured: The Fun-Run runners.

The weather could have not been more perfect. In years past, the weather has been quite unpredictable.

 Participants ran either the Fun Run (1 mile) or the 5k (3 miles). This year’s 5k was an official Peachtree Qualifier.

In interviewing both the current Chair (Service League leader) and the prior year’s Chair, the total amount of participants this year was around 350. The pre-race sign ups were around 270 and walk-ups were around 80 including Santa’s helpers. This number was a little more than last year!

The county school with the most participants could win $1,000 towards the school. Cherokee High School has won the last two years.

Kelly Scott is a member of Service League and she helped with the Reindeer Run.

“I am a past chair this year and I have been in service league for four years. [The Reindeer Run] is my favorite committee to be on because I am a runner. Our mission is to help the children of Cherokee County, and that is where my heart is.” – Service League member Kelly Scott

All the money raised goes back to the children in the county. The league members are all volunteers and do not get paid.

Reindeer Run 2019 was a blast! Come out and participate next year if you didn’t this year, and help out your community.

For more information and photos from this and previous events, click HERE.

Madison Bowden is a freshmen contributing writer for The Warrior Word

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