CHS Varsity Football battles on-Warrior style

The CHS Varsity Football Team suffered a loss in their first home game of the season on Friday, September 10, against the Creekview Grizzlies at Tommy Baker Field with a final score of 21-14.

The game began when Creekview kicked off to Cherokee.

CHS Varsity Football runs through banner onto Tommy Baker Field.

In the first quarter, Creekview took the lead, when their quarterback, Mason Hicks, scored a touchdown. Creekview then kicked a successful field goal, bringing the score to 0-7. Cherokee came back and tied it up with a receiving touchdown by running back, Zi Johnson, with thirty-two seconds left in the first quarter. Kicker, Joel Stahl, made the point after tying the game 7-7, heading into the second quarter.

Neither the Warriors nor the Grizzlies scored during the second quarter, keeping the score 7-7, heading into the third quarter.

The Warriors and Grizzlies returned from half-time, and the Grizzlies re-established the lead with a touchdown and point after. However, the Warriors came back and tied it up with a rushing touchdown by wide receiver, Aiden Moore, and the point after by kicker, Joel Stahl. Cherokee and Creekview headed into the fourth quarter, tied at 14-14.

The fourth quarter quickly turned intense with Creekview scoring and taking the lead with four minutes, thirty-three seconds left in the game. The Warriors fought to tie up the game but fell short, ending the game with a score of 21-14.

Cherokee will now hold a 2-2 record.

[Photo Credit: G-Rox Photography]

The Cherokee stands and student section were packed with red, white, and blue for this week’s “American Out” theme in honor of those who sacrificed and lost their lives twenty years ago on 9/11.

CHS Marching Band and Color Guard pose for a picture at Friday night’s game.

The game Friday was much dedicated to our defense, even though we lost it. It was a teaching point for me and the team.

Javon Hobson, Sophomore

It was a tough game against a very good opponent that came down to the last play. We are going to learn and grow from our mistakes to get back to our winning ways! It was awesome to see a packed house at Tommy Baker for the first time in 2 years!

Coach Shaw, Head Coach

Player Stats

#2 Aidan Moore: Aidan had 5 rushing yards, 23 receiving yards, 28 total yards, and one rushing touchdown.

#4 Toby Thompson: Toby had 8 solo tackles, 1 TFL (Tackle for Loss), and hurried the QB once.

#5 Caleb Richardson: Caleb had 29 receiving yards.

#5 Joel Stahl: Joel had 3 kickoffs, 2 touchbacks, 5 punts for a total of 179 yards, and 2 points after touchdown.

#6 Adam Fullen: Adam had 8 kick returns and 1 kickoff return.

#7 Kyan Simmons: Kyan had 6 solo tackles, 2 assists, 1 TFL (Tackle for Loss), and 1 PD (Pass Defended).

#8 Peyton Butler: Peyton had 41 receiving yards.

#8 Jaxon Holcomb: Jaxon had 1 solo tackle and hurried the QB once.

#9 Keegan Baker: Keegan had 27 receiving yards, 3 solo tackles, and 1 assist. He had one interception and 20 interception yards.

#10 AJ Swann: AJ had 181 offensive passing yards and 18 completed passes out of 32 attempts.

#11 Jayce Jones: Jayce had 9 receiving yards.

#11 Evan Bieger: Evan had 2 solo tackles, 1 assist, 1 TFL (Tackle for Loss), and 1 PD (Pass Defended).

#13 Ryane Martin Jr.: Ryane had 5 solo tackles.

#14 Tyler Goddard: Tyler had 9 solo tackles, 5 assists, and 1 TFL (Tackle for Loss).

#15 Daniel Young: Daniel had 5 solo tackles, one assist, and 2 TFLs (Tackle for Loss).

#16 Chase Goddard: Chase had 2 solo tackles and 1 assist.

#19 Kaden “Pops” Jameson: Kaden had 22 receiving yards.

#20 Andy Debaker: Andy had one solo tackle.

#21 Morgan Cox: Morgan had 6 solo tackles, 1 assist, 1 sack of 8 yards, and hurried the QB once.

#22 Ryan O’Keefe: Ryan had 6 solo tackles, 1 assist, and 1 PD (Pass Defended).

#23 Dominique Jordan: Dominique had 3 rushing yards.

#25 Zi Johnson: Zi had 1 rushing yard, 30 receiving yards, 31 total yards, and one receiving touchdown.

#30 Javon Hobson: Javon had 5 solo tackles and hurried the QB 5 times.

#38 Chris Lindeborg: Chris had 1 solo tackle.

#46 George Bogdady: George had 1 assist.

#52 Jay Marano: Jay had 1 assist.

#97 Jeremiah Thomas: Jeremiah had 1 solo tackle.

The team battled hard in their first home game of the season. We are proud of our CHS Varsity Football Warriors for their diligent work.

The Warriors will take on Cartersville tonight at 7:30 for an away game at Weinman Stadium, and the theme will be Western Out. Come out and support your Warriors as they face the Canes!

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