CHS’s annual pop of color: Tie dye week

Tie Dye week

Each year Cherokee High School has their annual tie dye week for its art classes. Former art teacher, Mrs. Culbertson, was a dead head, meaning she traveled with the popular band Grateful Dead, and made tie dye shirts at the bands concerts. During tie dye week she visited to see some of the students designs.

Students gather for a group photo in their bright and colorful tie dye attire.
Student playing the ukulele in sunburst shirt

We asked students what they thought about tie dye week:

“Tie dye week is definitely one of my favorite parts about Cherokee’s art classes. The whole process is extremely fun and an amazing way to end off the year.”

Alek Pace, CHS graduate

“It’s very crazy, but it’s also very fun ad exciting at the same time. You almost learn like a new way of art because you never really think of tie dye as art. –Just think about it as clothing.”

Rebecka Vocks, CHS Junior
Ms. Boswell and student Rebecka Vocks smiling wide in their spiral styled shirts

Ms. Boswell explained that Cherokee High School inherited a special recipe passed down by Mrs. Culbertson, former CHS art teacher, for a better quality dye job that will last much longer than other tie dyes.

The week has become a famous tradition at the school and a great opportunity to allow students at Cherokee High School to grow as a community. Students have a lot of fun tie dying and bonding over memories of art class as they produce their colorful creations and crazy works of art.

Freshman Roman von poses for his photo in his bleach dye shirt

As well as the colorful dye, the art classes had a lot of fun with bleach dying, which is a similar process.

Mrs. Boswell reported that her favorite day was bleach-dying.

Student holding clay art dressed in her tie dye shirt
Big smiles for tie dye

At the end of the week the art classes celebrated with a mini party with food drinks and BUBBLES. The semester of tireless dedication to projects has come to a close.

For those considering art and participation with this activity in the future, every year this tradition brings our students together as one with smiles and laughs throughout this very colorful week.

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