Bienvenu! CHS French Club

Cherokee High School has many interactive and educational clubs students can join. One of the most energetic and welcoming is the French club.

Hosted by Wendy Drought and Valarie Destin, the French club meets on Thursday afternoons from four to five o’clock. French club is a friendly environment where non-French speakers and those enrolled in the French pathway can explore the language and culture.

The club focus on the beauty of French heritage through film, cuisine, discussions, and debates to show members what experiences they would have in a francophone country.

Members recently took part in a charcuterie competition. While learning the history behind charcuterie, the club divided into two teams and created a delicious meat and cheese board.

Originally from Haiti, Mrs. Destin is a new teacher at Cherokee who has fluently spoken French her entire life. When asked ” What do you enjoy about French club?” she showed passion for her work stating that,

I personally enjoy everything French, so to see their faces light up when they discover something they had previously no idea existed in the culture it makes my heart happy.

Mrs. Destin strongly recommends for those not in the club to join. Especially those currently registered in French class because grammar and pronunciation is less enforced and more about exploring the culture.

Newbies are also encouraged to join and take part in the fun activities and exciting new foods. Excited for new members, Mrs. Destin explains,

Newbies should expect to think think outside of the box and get out of their comfort zone. We expect them to bring their personality to the table and push them to express themselves through French.

The school year is winding down, but make sure to listen to the announcements and look for posters on information to join next year.

French club is a wonderful place to open up and show off ones authentic self, so join next year! Thank you to our French teachers here at Cherokee: Mrs. Drought and Mrs. Destin. CHS is lucky to have such positive role models.

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