Be Pro Be Proud

The Cherokee Office of Economic Development is leading the Be Pro Be Proud movement to bring a new generation to Georgia’s skilled workforce. They are working to inspire todays youth to train and find them jobs in Georgia’s workforce. The workforce is struggling with many of the workers retiring, so they need to fill the opening positions. They want to change how Georgians think about skilled professions and inspire them to get involved.

They partnered up with the Cherokee County School District and toured to the high schools with their hands on mobile workshop. It contains interactive simulations of Georgia’s most in demand skilled professions including commercial truck driving, healthcare, plumbing, welding, and robotics.

Eight of our students at Cherokee High School have signed to***************

“We are so proud to be working in collaboration with Be Pro Be Proud to bring awareness to the growing technical fields.   We currently have a skill deficit in these fields.   I am so proud of these seniors and all they will accomplish in their career related fields.   Monday night was a special night for these students, and we could not be prouder of them, their mentors/teachers, and the programs we have built at CHS.”

“I believe any organization that has high-skilled workers as the focus is applaudable. High skilled careers are hotter than ever and the opportunity to advance is hot right now.  Although this year has been tough to manage and it seems we have many hurdles, the students that have stepped-up to fill the workforce with skilled labor is ever-increasing. I’m very proud of my seniors going to school like NASCAR Technical Institute, BMW STEP program, industry training and shops owned by business owners making this industry rewarding and a good career. My hope is they have signed and this means they will follow-through with their commitment to increasing technical skills in automotive or any tech related field for the future.”

Mr. Hagan

The website has 15 high demand skilled professions showing annual wages, how to get training, and where to find employment. Students can join the movement on to connect with education and career opportunities.

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