“Behind the mask” Staff spotlight: Coach Debes

Here at Cherokee High School, we love to shoutout our beloved staff members.

Coach Debes has been working at Cherokee for 11 years. Coach teaches health as well as coaches Baseball and Basketball. When he came to Cherokee, he initially coached three sports: fastpitch softball, basketball, and baseball, which he coached for three years.

He received his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Health and Physical Education. He also received his Master’s of Science degree in Kinesiology from Georgia Southern University. Coach Debes taught one year of physical education at Russel Elementary School in Cobb County immediately following college.

Since being at Cherokee, the basketball program has achieved reaching the state tournament five times with two, sweet 16 appearances and a Region Championship (first in school history). The baseball has seen a state playoff appearance as well as the first sweet 16 appearance in school history. 

“Coach Debes is one of the best teachers I’ve had. He teaches real life lessons and relates all of our content to situations in real life. He treats us like young adults rather than children and his stories are the best. He brings life inot the classroom and a smile on students faces.”

Claire Green, Freshmen

“When I had coach Debes he actually made health class fun and interesting.”

Samantha Dodd, Sophmore

We asked Coach Debes a few questions about his time teaching and here’s what he said:

Why did you start teaching?

“I felt like the teaching profession best suited my talents and abilities.”

Where did you attend college?

“Augusta State University”

He also played baseball at Augusta State University

What is one thing you wish you knew coming into teaching?

“I wish I had known how important the ability to effecitvely communicate would be. Not only do teachers have to learn to communicate effectively, but they are also faced with the challenge of learning to communicate with students on a number of different levels to meet all of their students individual needs. We have a very diverse school population with students coming from a lot of different walks of life.”

What is some advice you have for you students?

“My advice to my students would be to always keep an open mind and strive to be a well-rounded person who is knowledgeable and capable in a number of different areas.”

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

“Its real out here in these skreets”

In his free time he like to spend time with his wife, fish, hunt, and go to Braves, Falcons, and Georgia Tech games. He also has four dogs that he considers his kids.

For the past eleven years Coach Debes has brought the life back into the classroom and will continue as the years go on.

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