The CHS Newspaper Club ended the year of meetings in 2019 with a review of the top senior quotes. This was a tradition meant to be carried on annually, but disrupted due to Covid-19’s quarantines last year.

A senior’s quote is either carefully deliberated for an extensive time or chosen at the last second. While some reference iconic quotes, poetic verse, or even memes or other pop culture references to reflect their time at CHS, some create unforgettable original content whether it be funny, nostalgic, or sentamental.

As in 2019, our club members wish the class of 2021 a heartfelt goodbye with our five favorite yearbook quotes initially thought we could send our beloved Class of 2019 off with five inspirational quotes and some honorable mentions.

First place: “Suffer professionally.” (Sam Wilson) As quoted by Matthew Brogdon

Why we like it: We thought this was an amazing quote before we knew the backstory. Knowing the backstory made it even better.

Ms. Brogdon, Matthew’s mom and CHS teacher, shared her story behind the quote on social media (shared with permission).

“Sam Wilson played tenors in Marching Band and mentored Matthew freshman year. Eiryn Mason was a former Warrior band member and the drumline instructor for Marching Band Matthew’s freshman year. Eiryn saw so much potential in Matthew and was so encouraging. He made Matthew want to be the absolute best he could be. He even kept up with Matthew after he moved to teach at another school the following year. Sadly, Eiryn passed away in his sleep and didn’t get to witness the fruits of his labor for Matthew’s last couple of years.

I will say that Matthew was determined to make him proud and I believe he did. Matthew wrote encouraging words and passed down drum sticks and things that are important to him to fellow drum line members who will remain after he graduates in a few weeks. He was proud to write words of wisdom that Eiryn had given him that meant so much on some of the items for the next generation to continue his legacy. Thank you Sam and Eiryn for your influence and caring. Words and actions do matter and help shape others into who they want to be,” said Ms. Brogdon.

Second Place: “I fell off the bus the first day of Kindergarten. That sums up my K-12.” Christian Ariano 

Why we like it: This is painfully relatable. Our school careers are full of rocky and even embarrassing moments. The great thing is, adulthood is just same.

Third Place: “Maybe the real diploma was the friends we made along the way. At least until we all part our own separate ways.” Joel Castro 

Why we like it: This is a poetic, bittersweet tribute to a class that has experienced unparalleled challenges. We relied on the support of each other. Most seldom see each other following graduation as everyone embarks on new paths, but the memories made will last forever.

Fourth Place: “Todd Miller was not the imposter.” Thomas Haley 

Why we like it: This is a tribute to the principal that these seniors had for most of their high school career. It is also a very timely and appropriate pop culture reference. Does this mean Mr. Larrotta is now ‘sus’?

Fifth Place: “We’ve been in school since we were four or five. Bro, I’m tired.” Taihland Owens 

Why we like it: Plainly said? Claiming you’re tired is one of the most overused exclamations we all hear. We get it. We’re all tired. We literally are all beyond exhaustion mentally, physically, and emotionally. The teachers lament that they’re tired of hearing it, and that’ just why we love it. This year is just classified by the saying: “I’M TIRED!”

Honorable Mentions

Most relatable: “To be honest, I don’t know how to pronounce my last name either.” Brighton Fakier 

Why we like it: We don’t like this, we love this. Mr. Fakier, we don’t know how to pronounce your last name either, but can relate to the pain of every first roll call where the teacher tried, yet failed, to pronounce a phonetically fun name.

Most Clever: “Aka Reese’s Pieces, Reese’s Cup, and Greasy Reezey.” Reese Holcomb  

Why we like it: Nicknames like this are often left as memories of grade school. As we move into adulthood, we don’t get to hear these so much.

Most of our favorites ended up being uncredited quotes from songs, shows, or memes. Credit your sources, people! All in all, most reflected on sentimental feelings and optimism for the future. We see our seniors leave with humor, determination, self-reflection, and bittersweet heartache to leave friends.

Class of 2021, we wish you the best, and are excited for your next big opportunities!

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