CHS hosts Adaptive Art Show at North Campus

The CHS Adaptive Art Program has been working all year to debut their magnificent artwork, which is now available to admire at the entrance of North Campus.

The special needs program has produced many impressive works of art that the student body can enjoy everyday during class change. A few of the spectacular pieces can been seen below.

Kai Fairfax

Obler Velasquez Mazariegos

Isabelle Mather

Sach Romage

Ansley Bailey

Jake Martz

Alexis Darden

Jake Martz

Lexi Irwin

Were incredibly blessed to have an adaptive art program here at Cherokee. Its so great for our kids fine motor skills and creativity building. Having an outlet for that creativity during the day is super beneficial for their social and academic building.

Ms. Yeomans

The CHS Warrior Word congratulates all whose work was debuted, and thanks the upcoming artists for brightening up the hallways. A special appreciation to Ms. Coulter for teaching and inspiring the students of the Adaptive Art Program.

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