Cooking up with CanTeen: What does Canton have to offer teens?

CanTeen Council, an emerging leadership group in Canton, will be at First Friday!

In front of the Canton Theater at First Friday, May 7th, CanTeen will hold an interest booth from 6-9 pm at Canton’s First Friday event. If you or someone you know in the community would be interested in making their voice heard and inspiring change in the community, come stop by for more information and free popcorn!

The CanTeen Council members stand outside City Hall alongside Mayor Bill Grant. Pictured left to right: Mayor Bill Grant, Sophia Melbourne, Laney Cline, and Mackenzie Rodriguez.

Originating in 2019, the council began under the lead of Canton’s Mayor Bill Grant. Seeking input and insight on what teens wanted in Canton, the new group was formed. This year, Cherokee High School sophomores Sophia Melbourne, Laney Cline, and Mackenzie Rodriguez have picked up the pace and are actively seeking new recruits.

Do you have ideas about how to improve Canton? Want to get to know faces, old and new, in Canton? CanTeen is the place for you!

Now is the time for Canton’s youth to make a difference! CanTeen plans to offer community events that prioritize:

  • Engagement
  • Exposure
  • Community
  • Leadership
  • Support
  • and Fun!

CanTeen Council is excited to meet new faces and create an inclusive environment for Canton’s teen citizens. Stop by this Friday to sign up and get involved.

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