CHS Varsity Baseball team ends season in tournament.

The CHS Varsity Baseball team wrapped up their season with their end-of-season tournament on Friday, April 30.

Round one of the tournament began on Thursday, April 29 at the Beautiful Warrior Field with a double header against Mountain View High School. The Warriors won the first game 8-6 and lost the second 6-7. The third was played the following Friday. The Warriors wrapped up the tournament and won the third game 6-0.

They continued on to the Sweet 16 on Wednesday, May 5 in a double header against Lambert High School. They lost both games 7-3 and 2-1.

The following are photos from their end-of-season tournament.

The Warriors and the Mountain View Bears stand for The Star-Spangled Banner prior to the start of game one.
Senior, Austin Cole, leads off to start the first inning.
Junior, Tyler Presnell, at bat during the first inning.
Carson Mynatt, Senior, breaks back to third base.
Jackson Bradfield, Freshman, at bat prior to being walked.
Carson Mynatt steals home, scoring the first run of the game.
Junior, Landon Luster, and Jackson Bradfield converse during a time out.
Tyler Presnell, Junior, at bat prior to a single.
Max Eichenberger, Junior, on the mound.
Jackson Bradfield at bat during the third inning.
Landon Luster steps into the batter’s box.
Joe Fisher, Senior, leads off the bottom of the third inning.
Varsity Baseball Coaches lined up watching the first tournament game.
Max Eichenberger prepares to pitch.
Chase Goddard, Junior, warms up his swing prior to stepping into the batter’s box.
Austin Cole scores on a wild pitch.
Carson Mynatt heads for home after tagging up.
Carson Mynatt prior to scoring in the bottom of the fourth inning.
Carson Mynatt scores.
Max Eichenberger in to bat during the fourth inning.
Infielders meet to discuss.
Austin Cole leads off from third base.
Junior, Chase Goddard, swings at bat.
Senior, Ed Manke, begins to pitch the top of the seventh inning.
Pitcher, Ed Manke, wraps up the first game.
The Warriors celebrate after winning their first tournament game.
Ed Manke is the starting pitcher in game two of the series against Mountain View.
Ed Manke mid-pitch.
Coach Josh Thomas walks out to the mound to talk with the infield.
Tyler Presnell, Junior, scores in the top of the second inning after a triple by Jackson Bradfield.
Landon Luster swings at bat.
Austin Cole singles and reaches.
Fans gather on top of the hill.
The stands at BWF filled out.
Cody Montgomery walks out to the batter’s box in the start of game three.
Sophomore, Chase Meyer, starts his pitching in the third game of the series.
Landon Luster prior to bunting and reaching.
Junior, Alix Morales, doubles in the bottom of the second inning.
Jackson Bradfield scores in the bottom of the second inning after Morales’ double.
Landon Luster scores of of Morales’ double.
Austin Cole scores after a single by Mynatt.
Cherokee Warriors’ dugout during game three.
The team celebrates with Chase Meyer after three consecutive outs in the top of inning three.
Coach Josh Thomas converses with his players during a timeout.
Austin Cole at third base after a ground ball.
Tyler Presnell at third in the bottom of the fourth.
Chase Meyer pitching during the top of the fifth inning.
The team congratulates pitcher Chase Meyer as he finishes pitching in the top of the seventh inning.
Junior, Tyler Goddard, in for Chase Meyer during the seventh inning.
Tyler Goddard pitching during the top of the seventh inning.
Tyler Goddard throwing side-arm.
The team storms the field after winning the third game 6-0.
The team celebrates their win.
The team shakes each other’s hands.

Congratulations to the Cherokee High School Varsity Baseball team on a great season and making it to second round of playoffs!

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