Take a look at some of our seniors going directly into the workforce/military after graduation

For some seniors, the next step of their life is to move straight into their career or to go directly into the military.

As graduation approaches, we wanted to honor some of these students.

Hunter McCollum, who will be joining the automotive field, and Ayden Steen, who is going into the Army, both agreed to answer a few questions about what their plan for next year is and how they got there.

Hunter McCollum

What is your plan after graduation?

My plan after graduation is going straight into the automotive field. I’m planning on going to a BWM dealership.

What makes you most excited about going directly into the workforce? 

I’m very excited that I won’t be in debt and can go ahead and start making money. I am getting my foot in the door in the work force.

What made you choose to go into the workforce?

My dad is a diesel technician and I’ve learned a lot from him and my automotive teacher Mr. Hagan so I feel I’m ready to just go straight to work and make money without the need for college.

Any additional thoughts?

If anyone is on the fence about joining the automotive program go ahead and join it you don’t have to know anything about cars, it’s a fun class where you can learn some life skills and possibly save yourself some money.

Ayden Steen

What is your plan after graduation?

 I’m going to Fort Jackson to complete Army basic training to get into the Army as a 17c: cyber operations specialist. I plan on getting my education while I’m still in and serving out my contract.

What makes you most excited about going directly into the Army? 

 I’m most excited to get my life started and getting out of Canton Georgia. I’m also looking forward to being in the best shape of my life while I’m still young.

What made you choose to go into the Army?

I choose to go into the Army because out of all the military branches they are the only one that lets you pick your MOS (job). I knew what I wanted to do and I didn’t want to leave it up to fate. I also have a bit of a family history.

Any additional thoughts?

 I’m really excited to get a start on life, serve my country, and have many stories to tell when I come back.

Congratulations to Ayden, Hunter and the rest of our seniors going into the workforce and military! We at the Warrior Word wish you all good luck with taking the next step towards a successful future!

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