Coach Gay shares excitement over soccer state playoffs

Cherokee High Schools Boys Varsity Soccer Team has qualified for state.

Some attest that it has been 32 years since the boys soccer team has gone to state, although not confirmed it has defiantly been over a decade. With eight wins and only six losses the team has impressed us all.

We are currently in region 4 7A and our region consists of Etowah, Woodstock, Roswell, Milton and Alpharetta. This year we competed against these schools twice.

Coach Rebekah Gay, assistant coach for the team, is over the moon about the team’s success, and lucky for us she agreed to an in-depth interview on how the team rose to the occasion.

Cherokee High School Boys Soccer Team [Photo Source: Coach Gay]

Was it easier or more difficult to play each region game twice?

This was our first year doing that and I actually like the format better because of the fact that you got to go to somebody else’s place and everything didn’t just rely on one game.

What do you think separated this year apart from the years before?

Part of it is that we had a talk after dropping multiple games. Our biggest thing is that we weren’t taking shots, and if you don’t take shots, the ball can’t go in. –So that’s all we did at practice. I have never came up with so many shooting drills before this year.

Cherokee High School Boys Soccer Team [Photo Source: Coach Gay]

Are any of the players planning on pursuing soccer in college?

I’m not sure. There is a couple of the seniors right now that have gotten into different colleges, but I don’t know if they are trying to do walk-on scenarios. I know some of the guys are talking about it, but I don’t know if they have signed anything.

Would you like to shout out anyone?

I’d just like to shout out the whole team. All these guys have put in their time and energy. We’ve cried, laughed, gotten angry, matured and that’s been the cool part. We’ve always had the talent but they finally locked down.

Congratulations and good luck to the boys soccer team!

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