Girl Scouts of America birthday: CHS student Haley Roberson’s in-depth experience

109 years ago today in Savannah, Georgia, Juliette Gordon Low founded The Girl Scouts of America. Complete ran by women, girls in this program learn more about themselves, different skills, and diligence.

Haley Roberson is a Sophomore at Cherokee High School that also participates in The Girl Scouts during her free time. To celebrate Girl Scouts birthday Haley has agreed to a student profile on her experience.

What age did you join The Girl Scouts? And why?

I was eight and lived in Virginia when my mom formed a Girl Scout troop, but when we moved here I joined a different troop to make new friends.

What activities do you participate in?

We actually just went through our cookie selling process in January. We also do the Allatoona Lake Clean Up, volunteer work at animal shelters, and other community projects.

Are you apart of the leadership program?

No, but there are things that you can do to mentor our younger troops, but I am not personally apart of that program.

Girl Scout Ranks

Girl Scouts advance levels depending on what grade they are in. The younger girls have the opportunity to earn badges, sell cookies, hike, and camp. While middle school and above also learn more about the science and technology pathway, or even revolutionize their communities by engaging in different projects.

How has Covid-19 impacted your troop?

We used to meet almost every Sunday but it’s less now because of Covid. We have to meet outside, wear masks, and have our temperature taken. (The picture to the right is from before Covid-19).

What is the most challenging part?

A lot of the camping trips conflict with other things that you may be doing. They can take up weekends which is when usually when I get homework done, but I think its worth it because its a lot of fun.

When you think of The Girl Scouts, you usually think of younger girls. Have you ever received hate for being a high schooler taking part in this activity?

You do usually think of younger girls! No, not hate, but very confused looks. I think a lot of people don’t realize that people go on with this through collage, its not just a little kid activity.

Gold Award Girl Scout [Photo Source:]

By being apart of this program girls can change the world for the better, by addressing a problem and following through with the steps to help solve it. Influencing areas such as, gender gaps, IGBTQ+ matters, indigenous hardships, and many more.

Have you ever heard of the Nation Gold or Silver award?

I know more about the Silver Award than the Gold, but its very similar. Basically, you have to complete journeys and plan activities for younger troops in your area. Then you have to plan a big community project that has to get approved by The Girl Scouts of Atlanta.

Are you going to continue taking part in The Girl Scouts as you get older?

Probably not into collage, but I do think that I will finish high school with it.

Do you plan on trying out for a collage scholarship?

I don’t know a lot about the scholarships, but if the requirements are manageable, I will definitely try for it.

What is your driving force when taking part in The Girl scouts of America?

To help the community while having fun with new friends.

We wish we had the chance to acknowledge and celebrate all of our CHS girl scouts. It takes immense passion and dedication to pursue a career in this extracurricular activity. A big thank you to Haley Roberson and we wish you all the best on this anniversary.

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