What students appreciate about Cherokee

While walking down the halls and looking around, it’s hard not to appreciate at least one thing about CHS. From the smiling faces you walk past in the hallway, to the good smells coming from the cafeteria, what’s not to like?

I asked students their favorite things about about the school. Here’s what they had to say:

“I’m glad that our school opens up to a lot of pathways to students With the CTAE classes. Things like Construction, Welding, Auto, JROTC, etc allow our students to branch out to more careers.

-Jimmy Lamb 12th grade

Mr.Hagan of automotive with a student

“I appreciate the fact that most of the teachers are passionate about what they teach.”

-Leora Winter 12th grade

Leora also went on to say, “Because of a teacher’s passion, I was guided on what I want to do with my life.

I like the friendships I’ve formed at Cherokee.”

Jaiden Mcmickens 12th grade

Image of Jaiden and his friends at homecoming 2019

“Most of the teachers are pretty nice.”

-Z melba 9th grade

“I appreciate my teacher and the way she teaches helps me learn.

-Caidyn McCoy 10th grade

I appreciate the spacious time given to us

-anonymous 9th grade

Mr. Worely receives a shoutout from 9th Grade student, Frog Vassy.

“I appreciate Mr. Worley for being so nice

-Frog Vassy 9th grade

It’s nice to see such positive insights from students. Here are a few more:

“I like how all the pathways are covered”
-Amber Figueroa 10th

“I like learning, education, staff, our good environment, friends I can count on, and resources we have.”

– Donicio Diaz 10th

Art supplies in visual arts classes

“The variety of classes is what I appreciate.”

-Mirca Vasquez 9th

 “I appreciate how hard the teachers work to keep us on task.

Emma Pesavento 9th grade

“Art club is fun!”

-Wes Baird 12 grade

Cherokee Students at our very own special Olympics event

“I appreciate the Diversity

-Caroline Ruban 12th grade

“I love the diversity at Cherokee High School, and all the different backgrounds.

– Rey Guzman 12th grade

Image credit to NFHS

“I even appreciate the color scheme of the school–and the Crispitos!”

-Bronco Burgess 12th grade

Overall, students have shown how much there is to appreciate about our wonderful school, resources, staff and more.

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