Beards Abound: Celebrating World Beard Day

Sept. 5, or every first Saturday in September, is World Beard Day. To celebrate it, we are challenging CHS to guess whose staff member’s bristles belong to whom.

We have collected multiple photos of different staff members’ beards and have posted them below, along with several facts about them. The goal is for students to try and guess whose beard belongs to which face. A Beard Day reveal is coming soon!

But before we dive into our quick quiz, let’s go over some basic beard statistics. In 2017, 33% of U.S. males surveyed reported that they constantly keep a beard (Credit:

Some common beard synonyms include: bristles, face broom, chin blanket, brush, and bush.

According to CNN, the longest beard was 17 feet, 6 inches long. It was grown by Hans Langseth in 1927 and was collected for storage by the Washington Smithsonian Museum.

And now let’s jump right in to our quick quiz. Answer in the poll below on who you think which beard belongs to.

Beard #1

“I’ve had a beard of various lengths for about twenty years. My current beard has been growing for around two years. I don’t see myself shaving. [However] when it gets long, it has a tendency to get into your soup… it also is an issue with some masks.”

Who am I?

REVEAL UPDATE: This beard belongs to Mr. Jones!

Beard #2

“I have had a full beard since 2012. [Some of my stereotypical bearded hobbies are that] I play the banjo, lift weights, and wear a kilt to throw trees in the highland games.”

Who am I?

REVEAL UPDATE: This beard belongs to Mr. Davis!

Beard #3

“A stereotypical bearded hobby I have is I love cutting down trees. Seriously, I live in the middle of an old growth forest, so me and my Husqvarna 450 Rancher are always busy. Another note, the mustache and beard are neighbors but they live completely different lives.”

Who am I?

REVEAL UPDATE: This beard belonged to Mr. Ingham!

Beard #4

“Dreadlocks is the strangest thing I’ve ever done to my beard. To take care of it, I use Oak City Viking Beard Butter. If you need a hint, I love Star Wars and I’ve piloted the Millennium Falcon.

Who am I?

REVEAL UPDATE: This beard belongs to Mr. Hagan!

Beard #5

“[The strangest thing I’ve ever done to it] is shaved it, but kept the mustache. My wife loves my beard. She wouldn’t have married me without it.”

Who am I?

REVEAL UPDATE: This beard belongs to Mr. Thomas!

Beard #6

One time my granddaughter pulled a Dorito out of my beard and ate it. My wife definitely does not like me having a beard. She says it ages me. But my granddaughter loves my beard. On the side, I love camping and fishing.

Who am I?

REVEAL UPDATE: This beard belongs to Mr. Lowe!

This article has been update with a beard reveal! If you have a beard, send it to and we will feature you on our Twitter!

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