My experience in Theater class

Ever since I discovered the musical, Heathers, I’ve been obsessed with Broadway and theater. This obsession lead me to join Theater class and Drama club.

My honest opinion on Theater class goes as follows: It’s a wonderful class for extroverts and introverts alike.

The extroverts know what to expect and have fun with it. The introverts gain more confidence and great voice projecting skills as well as performance tips.  

Inside the CHS Auditorium [Photo Credit: Cherokee Tribune]

In my class so far, we have done a few performances such as pantomimes, Greek skits, and various skill-building activities such as observing non-verbal mannerisms.  Pantomimes are defined as performances where no sound is used. Students can only use hand notions and facial expressions for your performance. This gives students good non-verbal communication skills. 

Example of pantomime with makeup. [Photo credit: Jane Voigst]

 Our second performance was Greek skits. In our Greek skits, we included Greek elements that the original Greek plays used in their

This taught me several things about how the original Greek plays were set up. Religion was an important factor in their plays. Other several important factors include a chorus, and a Thespis.  

Finally, our last activity we have done most recently was ironically for our first project grade. Projects can tend to be stressful and not fun. However, this project was different.

We decorated Greek masks. Dr. Burn gave us beads, stickers, fabric etc. We could decorate the masks the way we wanted. The only catch was the mask needed to represent you in some way. 

For my mask, I painted it black. I drew candles and painted flames on the top. The way this represented me was I try my hardest to be the light in others lives.

The flame and the candles represent myself. The black on the mask represents the sadness others may be experiencing that I hope to take away.

Here is a photo of my mask made in Dr. Burn’s Theater class.

I know the school year may have just begun, but truly I can’t wait to see what’s in-store for myself and the rest of my Theater Arts Fundamentals class.

If you like to express yourself and perform, please join this class. I promise you won’t regret it.

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