Benefits of being a sub at Cherokee High School

Cherokee County:

Many students and staff have been instructed to stay at home and continue teaching/learning from their own homes due to new Covid protocols for the 2020-21 school year. The influx of absences has lead to an increased demand for substitute teachers. If you have not considered (or are considering) substituting, we want you to see why Cherokee High School is the place for you!

Georgia School District Quarantines Nearly 1,200 Students and Teachers -  The New York Times
Cherokee High School is in need of substitute teachers. [Photo Source: The New York Times]

Here are some reasons why you should be a sub at Cherokee:

  • You get to meet and build relationships with our faculty and students.
  • You get to do your part and help out during these confusing and complicated times.
  • You can spend the day in a great school while having new and exciting experiences everyday.
  • Enjoy a fabulous lunch at our cafeteria!

Please come lend a hand and apply to sub for Cherokee County. If you are qualified or know someone that is interested, visit Cherokee County Schools’ website for requirements and applications.

Per administration, CHS is currently taking applications and once enough interest is gained, workshops will be scheduled for training. Once you are in the system, you can choose jobs as they come available.

Hear from our subs!

I interviewed a few substitute teachers at Cherokee High School and asked the question:

“What do you like about subbing for Cherokee High?”

Here is what some of our favorite subs had to say.

Jacquie Toner is stepping in as a substitute. [Photo Source: Samantha Dodd]

Since I recently retired from teaching I missed being around the kids and it helps me continue to support teachers.

Jacquie Toner
Tressa Stafford is stepping in as a substitute. [Photo Source: Samantha Dodd]

I enjoy subbing at Cherokee because I’ve been a high school teacher before, and I like the students and helping out my fellow teachers.

Tressa Stafford
Diana Gonzaga stepping in as a substitute. [Photo Source: Samantha Dodd]

It’s really because both of my kids go here, but I love the kids and teachers here at Cherokee.

Diana Gonzaga

Many people are lending a hand by volunteering to take over a classroom while a teacher is at home quarantining. However, there is still a shortage of substitutes and they are extremely needed. Cherokee County needs more people to step in and help.

Thank you subs for coming to support our school, teachers, and students during this confusing time.

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