Thank you to nurses around the world

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National Nurses Week is celebrated this year from May 6-12, and of all years, this year especially is a year to start preparing gratitude in advance.

Nurses around the world deserve ample thanks. May 6th is officially National Nurse Day. Lets take the time not only to sincerely thank them for what they do for us generally, but for how great they’ve been at orchestrating care and treatment of patients during Covid-19.

Because we are quarantined at the moment, I would say the best way to show nurses how appreciative you are of them would be to write a thank you card and send it to the hospital.

Despite their own challenges, nurses like these keep people at home encouraged.
COVID-19 Relief – Wellstar Health System

Despite physically and emotionally demanding work, these heroes on the home front are going above and beyond to help everyone at home stay encouraged and safe–from making entertaining TikToks , to finding ways of making us laugh, or moving us to tears and filling our hearts with joy through their acts of compassion and love.

Nurses deserve so much thanks, and understandably, cheers have been heard around the world in their honor as well as all health care essential staff. NYC mayor, Mayor  De Blasio, announced Tuesday, April 21, that he is planning the cities largest ticker tape parade in honor of healthcare workers and first responders when safe.

Cherokee County should also consider doing the same.

Nurses do much more than most realize, and that’s because they most often go beyond the job description. According to a forum posted on ShareCare, when asked “How do nurses make a difference in patients’ lives, RN Nurse Weinstein replied, “Nurses make a difference in the lives of their patients each and every day! Nurses protect, promote, and optimize the health of those for whom they are responsible.”

Nurse Cabriera added, “Nurses play a huge role in the care of the patient. They are often the first line who meets the patients, comforts the patients and family, and educates the patients about next steps to better health and recovery.”

Credits: Forsyth
Northside Hospital Forsyth is handling the COVID-19 pandemic

True, this is what they are paid to do, but often their acts of care demonstrate that money does not define their motives for going into healthcare.

Aside from the high risk of infection during Covid-19, nurses put their health and well-being on the line daily, and we should be more appreciative of them. Realistically, the physical demands of a 8-12-hour shift (most on foot) requires a special kind of person who can endure physical and emotional demands while keeping patients feeling valued and comforted.

The nurses are taking care of us, but who’s taking care of them?

Johnson & Johnson is Supporting Nurses on the Front-lines of COVID-19

Patients love their nurses and nurses love their patients. Oftentimes, when faced with a life-altering situation in regards to our health, from a birth, to sickness, to grave injuries, serious surgeries to ongoing treatments–we don’t forget the names of our nurses.

According to, “Nurses love connecting with patients and making a difference. The healthcare industry serves a broad spectrum of people, and nurses encounter individuals from all walks of life. Providing comfort and security at times when patients and families are vulnerable is a reward that many people never experience.”

Though they re not in it for the big salary pay check, they definitely do deserve it. Playing an essential role in improving a patient’s health and then receiving genuine gratitude from that patient is often the greatest gift.

Fighting COVID-19: ‘Everyone Can Do Something’

No matter what may face our nation, our nurses are there on the frontlines and are undeniably heroes as our our doctors, first responders, and all other staff keeping our healthcare systems running. It’s never easy work and few will truly understand how they are able to charge on and be ready to fight another day.

Headstrong Provides Meals to Medical Staff During COVID-19 Outbreak

From myself to the nurses out there: You’re greatly appreciated! Thank you!


Nyasia Butler


Cherokee High School provides nursing classes through the CTAE course options training the next generation of heroes. We applaud the efforts of our students going into these healthcare roles. For more information about one of these classes, check out our recent article on Ms. Argonis-Basto’s class.

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