Ms. Argonis-Basto’s class of the week

Ms. Argonis-Basto didn’t nominate one student when we asked her for a student of the week suggestion, she nominated one of her entire classes. This warrants a special spotlight on a particularly special class.

One of the goals of the newspaper team at Cherokee High is to introduce a student each week. This process started with a request for teachers to nominate students whom they believe have demonstrated outstanding qualities. The emails came pouring in. The list of names is extensive. Way to go, Cherokee High! You make your teachers proud.

One situation stood out, in particularly. Ms. Argonis-Basto nominated her entire first period class. We took great consideration of this passionate response, and sought to find out more about her first period class.

“They are all very involved at CHS and outside of CHS,” said Ms. Argonis-Basto. “They are all Skills USA members, as well, so there is lots to ‘highlight.'” 

Ms. Argonis-Basto, what makes this class so special?

“The students make this class special, honestly. This class is incredible. They have been learning things in clinicals that go way beyond what the class is expected to learn. They show compassion and foresight. And according to the Director of Nursing, the patients have genuinely bonded with them. I am so very proud of all of them. They have great futures in healthcare.”

Students, what do you guys do in this class?

“We learn about taking care of patients, we practice in the lab, and we then we actually go to to clinical and work with real patients in the community to practice our skills.”

What do you like most about this class?

“We get a lot of skill like here within the lab and then also with patients in clinic working towards real patients.”

What are your plans after school?[students]

“Nursing school! Most of us are planning to pursue something in the medical field.”

What advice would you give to other students, Ms. Argonis-Basto?

“My advice would be, if you’re interested in taking this class make sure that you have good grades and no behavioral issues and you really have good communication skills to talk to people of all ages. “

Ms. Argonis-Basto’s First Period Class

  • Butterworth Brooklyn
  • Butterworth Caroline
  • Cline Madison
  • Costello Caitlin
  • Diallo Oumou
  • Dunlap Kylie
  • Haymore Lauren
  • Hofstetter Ariana
  • Martinez Dakota
  • McCranie Molly
  • Mendez-Robles Marcelina
  • Pierce Grace
  • Rohrer Claire
  • Waderich Sydnie

Thank you for sharing your class with us, Ms. Argonis-Basto! We are excited about our warriors going into the world of wellness. Now, more than ever, shows what an asset you will be to our healthcare system.

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