My experience with managing anxiety

by Alex Bennett

Please note this is not professional advice, but sharing personal experience.

Anxiety is an important topic that needs to be normalized. It needs to be normalized in discussions because many struggle with it. 

Many people ask what is anxiety like? I best explain it like this: you feel like everyone got a A on your class assignment, but you–so from that moment, you feel you’ll never get a A in that class ever again. You may feel doomed. This is what it’s like coping with anxiety.

Anxiety isn’t easy, but there are many ways to cope and manage it (that work for me).

In addition to professional help and support, many resources on coping techniques can found through Google and YouTube searches, from articles to videos. Breathing techniques are a great way to help calm a person down, and many videos provide exercises.

Then, there are also positive personal coping techniques, which are safe ways personally found to settle triggered emotions. One of my personal favorite ways to cope with anxiety is to watch Arthur. Silly, I know right? I’ve watched the show since I was a kid. For whatever reason, it calms me down. Maybe the bright colors or crazy characters calm my nerves, I’m not sure. So my suggestion, would be check out an old childhood favorite of yours to help manage your anxiety.

Another personal favorite of mine is writing. I’m writing right now, to express how to help others with anxiety while I’m anxious! Writing is a wonderful way to express your emotions and anything you may not want to discuss out loud. Getting a notebook and writing , “I feel anxious,” is the first start.

Once you do that, I encourage you to continue on with your writing. It’s so empowering to write and express statements; you didn’t think you could ever write.

Finally my last technique is, try to speak to someone close to you or a professional about your emotions. This technique is definitely the hardest. Expressing your emotions to others can be tough. I have trouble with it myself! This step may not be within everyone’s comfort zone, but it is very useful. It may be challenging but expressing yourself to others, you may find is a very calming way to ease some anxiety.

Anxiety isn’t easy. Sadly we cannot rid the world of it forever. However, we can work together and improve others lives as well as ours with helpful Anti-anxiety techniques!

Also, being there for one another and normalizing discussion of these topics is key in combating anxiety!

“Helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for that one person”-unknown 

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