Quarantine Series: How my year has been disrupted

We love guest writer submissions, and what better time to submit work to us than now? Students are encouraged to send in information on what they’re reading, watching, studying, a new hobby you’ve acquired, or any other piece to feature.

Contributing writer, freshman, Samantha Dodd, writes about her unexpected end to Winter Guard. Reflections like this are not to grieve over moments lost, but more so to share appreciation for the time we had. To submit something we can include, please send your work to contact@cherokeehighnews.com.

The impact of quarantine on me

Guest writer, Sam Dodd

The Corona Virus has greatly disrupted my school year. On the morning of Thursday, March 12th, I received a message on my phone from a team group chat explaining the rest of the winter guard season was canceled due to the Corona Virus.

I dragged my feet to my best friend’s classroom, wondering if she had already seen the news, eager to talk about it. I met Kayley through color guard, and we instantly became best friends, sadly we don’t have any shared classes, but I would come by her mom’s room every morning to hang out with her.

My friend, Kayley, and I in color guard together.

As soon as I saw her, I burst into tears, and she quickly rushed to comfort me wrapping me in her arms. We stayed like that for a long time. We felt discouraged the season was already over and heartbroken over all the hours we spent practicing knowing we’d never get to finish all our shows.   

We still had to come to practice after school on the day it was announced the competitive events were cancelled. Mrs. Diane, our instructor, wanted us to have one final run-through to finish out the season. When I walked into the cafeteria, where practices were held, the atmosphere was heavy, and I immediately noticed the heartache in my teammates’ faces.

The seniors stood out most of all. 

Their faces were red and full of dried tears that were rewet every time someone would share a memory of their past four years or bring up how it ended so abruptly.

Soon it was time for the final run-through, and we all got into our positions to start. We heard the music play, we took the tosses, and we danced our hearts out for the last time.

I had hoped the last time I heard the song would be at the SAPA Championships in Tennessee. I had hoped that after it was finished, I would look around and everyone would be smiling and ecstatic, but when the run was over, and I looked at my teammate’s faces I saw nothing but bare faces reflecting empty hearts.

I ran to my senior friends who had once taught me how to throw a pop toss and gotten me through tryouts. They helped me through every step of band camp and how to handle my nerves before a show.

I wanted to repay them, but I couldn’t. So, I thanked them, cried with them, and hugged them the tightest I could.

The Corona Virus did not only disrupt the rest of my school year, it ruined it and everything I’ve worked for.  I wish things could have ended differently, especially for the seniors, but there’s nothing I can do. 

To all of our athletes, performers, and competitors whose year did not end the way it wanted, it doesn’t mean your talents stop with the season. Continue to be there for each other, and keep your passion’s light ignited.

Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune, but great minds rise above them.

—Washington Irving

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