Digital learning experiences during quarantine

It is no surprise that school has been a lot different since Georgia’s quarantine for the COVID-19 outbreak. Teachers are now teaching their students through untraditional methods like online classes and Zoom calls.

Although this is not the ideal way to end the year for anybody, Cherokee’s staff has been working hard to continue this semester during these difficult times.

Students have been working equally as hard, having to adapt the ways they learn and keep their grades steady. This is a look into the lives of student learning during the outbreak.

Participating in online work isn’t particularly hard but it is very boring, my Spanish teacher Mrs. Razz is doing fun creative assignments for Spanish everyday in hopes of more participating way of learning. We use adobe spark video to make collaborative projects and it’s helping make this hard time a little more bearable.

Emma Snyder, Junior

My experience with this has been hard because it’s hard to find motivation to do school work at home.

Walker Booth, Junior

Quarantine has given me the chance to either be really ahead or really behind it’s challenging but I have enjoyed not feeling rushed.

Caroline Burke, Junior

Mr. Coury has made my digital learning so much easier for me. He knows how to mix productivity with fun. I didn’t like the idea of DLD before hand, but Mr. Coury is the reason I work harder. DLD isn’t my ideal way to end the school year, but I still appreciate how well students and faculty have been working.

Jason Marano, Freshman

We appreciate all the work Cherokee’s staff has done to keep our Warriors on track for the rest of the school year!

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