A letter to myself on digital learning

Dear Yuliani,

I’m writing this letter to myself so I don’t forget the value of a classroom.

I don’t know about others, but I’m struggling with digital learning. The difficulty of learning through online classes without a teacher personally guiding me step-by-step through assignments is really hard.

While some have found it easy, others have found the same difficulty. Freedom carries its own challenges. A digital learning day can be, at maximum, around three-to-four hours, unlike the structure of a seven hour day. I don’t feel I learn as much when not in the school.

Aside from the lack of classroom structure, I don’t like the outside distractions. I can’t concentrate. The teachers have helped students who learn in different ways. Some students learn visually or through listening, and teachers have provided videos of them guiding both learners on how to do the work–but I’m still struggling.

Some schools worry about students sharing answers just to have something submitted. They need a teacher alongside them for support, encouragement, and personal help. I need a teacher to show me a process step-by-step.


The class I’m struggling the most in is Geometry. My teacher explains it to me though videos, but I need them to show and teach me in person.

I know things will work out. I try my best to turn in work on time. This is an unexpected challenge we are dealing with. Most of my classes are going really well, and I understand the concepts, but it’s in the times I need help that I realize I need our classrooms back.

So, in case we ever feel like we miss being out of school or digital learning days, I have written this letter to remind myself. And on another note, let’s be kind to ourselves as well. We will get through this–we can get through anything.



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