Understanding autism through comedy

Funny, You Don’t Look Autistic by Michael McCreary was recommended by Cherokee’s media specialists for students and staff alike.

McCreary has been diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) at a young age. This diagnosis has affected his entire life.

But since middle school, McCreary had a dream, and that dream was to become a comedian.

Funny, You Don’t Look Autistic is a spectacular and hilarious memoir about what it’s like to live while being on the autistic spectrum and to follow your dreams, no matter what.

As someone who has friends and family who has been diagnosed with ASD, this book is a wonderful gateway into what people on the spectrum deal with and how they deal with the world.

Even if you’re nurotypical (someone that doesn’t have autism), this book is very relatable. It has moments of pure awkwardness, that everyone can feel deep in their soul.

“If music is the universal language, then awkward is the universe feeling.”

Funny, You Don’t Look Autistic

The media specialists were right when recommending this book, though I’m not really a big fan of memoirs or non-fiction in general. I’m usually into fantasy and magic in my books.

However, Funny, You Don’t Look Autistic had me flipping the virtual pages for more.

I second the recommendation and I believe everyone can get something out of this book.

To access this book yourself for free

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