Election year: On your mark, get set, go!

Important note: this is intended to be a short article providing a very brief snapshot of the candidates running for office as of January 15 with information found online. This article does not mean to promote/endorse any candidate, and any pertinent information excluded was not intentional. As with all of our articles, it does not reflect the views or opinions of Cherokee High School.

It’s election year, and many CHS students are voting age. It’s important to begin watching speeches and studying platforms. The election season is long, grueling, and oftentimes brutal. So far, 14 Democrats and one Republican have dropped out, with Julian Castro, former mayor of San Antonio and former secretary of housing and urban development, being one of the most recent to drop out.

Let’s look at who is left. Begin studying these names and their platforms. More information will be posted at the end.

Democratic Candidates

Michael Bennet (Colorado Senator) A modern democrat known for his immigration reform bill. He seeks to improve the economy through modernization, especially the fields of artificial intelligence and economy structure.

Joseph R. Biden Jr.

(Former vice president, former Delaware senator)

Biden is known for his stance on improving economic conditions for low-income workers and for international relations.

Michael R. Bloomberg (former mayor of New York City and former Delaware Senator)

Bloomberg (Republican turned Democrat) is known for more conservative stances on issues such as gun control, climate change, and taxes.

Pete Buttigieg, (Former mayor of South Bend)

Buttigieg focuses on issues such as climate change and economic opportunity.

John Delaney,

(Former congressman from Maryland)

Delaney is labeled as a “bipartisan problem solver” and known for taking a more liberal stance on issues such as health care.

Tulsi Gabbard (Congresswoman from Hawaii)

Gabbard focuses on critical issues such as intervention provided overseas to countries like Syria as well as advocating support to the military.

Amy Klobuchar

(Senator from Minnesota)

Klobuchar is recognized for her focus on combating the opioid epidemic, drug addiction, and rising healthcare and prescription costs.

Deval Patrick

(Former governor of Massachusetts)

Historically, the 2nd black governor in US hisotry, Patrick is focused on “economic development and innovation.” Recognized for his effort in promoting life science in Massachusetts, the NY Times states that Patrick does not want to be known so much for his stances on every issue, but for healing and uniting the country.

Bernie Sanders

(Senator from Vermont)

Sanders is renowned for his stances on issues such as healthcare and college education. He is popular for his claims on providing “Medicare to all” as well as free college tuition making him popular with younger voters.

Tom Steyer

(Billionaire former hedge fund executive)

An environmental activist, Steyer is known for his position in efforts in fighting climate change by promoting renewable energy. He is also known for his positions and efforts on Trump’s impeachment.

Elizabeth Warren,

(Senator from Massachusetts)

With the signature slogan “I have a plan for that” Warren is known especially for her stance on issues such as income inequality and de-emphasizing the power of the top earners in the nation’s largest corporations to better serve those receiving the lowest wages.

Andrew Yang

(Former tech executive)

Yang is recognized for his economic plans, including a plan to help implement a universal income that will provide at least $1,000 per month for all American employees.

Republican Candidates

Donald J. Trump

(Current US President)

Trump is recognized for his stance on immigration reform, economic reform, and reversing policies of the Obama administration. He is also promoting his position on environmental regulation and improving the health care system. .

Joe Walsh

(Former congressman from Illinois)

Former Trump supporter whom has since broken ties, Walsh is focused on reducing national debt, improving border control, and “restraining executive power.”

William F. Weld

(Former governor of Massachusetts)

Weld ran for the VP position with the Liberal party in 2016. Weld’s primary focus is on free trade, immigration, and his promotion of legalizing marijuana.

For more information on candidate platforms, check out this source from the NY Times. Although we do not promote a particular candidate, we do encourage students who are voting age to research the platforms and vote in the upcoming election!

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