What makes you happy?

Does money, marriage, a big house, nice cars, or a successful career make you happy? As 2019 switched over to 2020, it’s time for self-reflection. Whether it’s re-writing goals or creating resolutions, ultimately, we’re coming up with ways on how we can make our lives better by prioritizing essential areas in our life. Most of these goals and resolutions have one thing in common: making us happy.

You are the only person who can determine how happy you are in that you control the effect other things and people have on you. Additionally, logically, if your attitude and outlook are negative, you will have a very challenging time being happy. Although some mental and physical health challenges may impede, for many, a happy day begins with a happy outlook.

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Happiness is one of the most important feelings that people can feel. In life, happiness can be found in so many other ways than just money despite society glamorizing it. This universal theme finds its way in so many stories.

Get moving!

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One of the most important recommendations to feeling happy is having energy. In this New York Times article, Tara Parker states that energy can come from exercising more–along with other exercises such as breathing techniques and meditating. Energy leads to positivity.

When people get up and move, even a little, they tend to be happier than when they are still. A study that tracked the movement and moods of cellphone users found that people reported the most happiness if they had been moving in the past 15 minutes than when they had been sitting or lying down. Most of the time it wasn’t rigorous activity but just gentle walking that left them in a good mood.

Make healthy choices

Having good health helps people be happy. If you are not healthy you cannot accomplish the goals that tend to make you happy. Therefore, when someone cannot accomplish their goals, they may be more likely to develop more defeatist attitudes. However, understandably, there are countless health limitations that we lack control over. This concerns those things we can control: vaping, lack of sleep, extended time online/gaming/excessive screen time, being physically inactive, etc.

Surround yourself with supportive people

Do you get happy when you see your friends at school? Just because for a few minutes out of the day you get to catch up with them or make plans with them? Does seeing your friends give you energy? Your happiness depends on who you surround yourself with. Do you keep your circle small?

Maybe you depend on a sport to keep you happy. That moment when you get out on the field or court and you let everything go? You just throw everything your worrying about out, and work your hardest at practice or a game. You are surrounded by supportive people who play a role in boosting your confidence and positivity through each victory, big or small.

“Convincing evidence of this phenomenon comes from Ed Diener and Martin Seligman, two leading experts in the field of happiness research. When they compared the happiest to the least happy people, they found that the first group was highly social and had the strongest relationship ties. In fact, good social relations were a necessity for people to feel happy. Similarly, other psychologists have written that the need to belong is ‘fundamental,'” states Happify Daily.

Bottom line

If it brings you happiness, and a safe and healthy option, do it. Do more of what makes you happy. Is it going out? Seeing friends? Going to a sporting event? Visiting new places? Find what creates happiness in your life and apply it to your everyday routines. Don’t put these things off. Don’t isolate yourself and remain inactive. Happiness doesn’t just find you without some effort.

What is happiness exactly? Nobody knows exactly what happiness is because everyone defines it differently. In general, happiness is the overall feeling of satisfaction. Most people would say “Then happiness is easy to achieve,” but whether you are actually capable of realizing what truly makes you happy and if you are in the state of happiness is different.

Although no person is the same or walked the same roads, for a great many of us, we overlook how much of our happiness is elective. It’s often determined by what we place our values in (money and possessions, or instead, helping out the world a little bit today), whom we choose to surround ourselves with, lifestyle choices, and the situations we put ourselves into. We may be overlooking some simple answers into what will make us happier.

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So ask yourself, what makes you happy?

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