What the stars have planned for you in 2020

Astrology is a tricky subject. If you ask any astronomy teacher they’ll tell you it’s a pseudoscience, or a fake science.

But I believe it to be real to an extent.

I don’t think it can predict everything, that would be insane, but it can help us understand ourselves better and able to make better choices by looking at the patterns in the sky.

Celestial bodies effect other things after all, like how the moon effects our tides, Jupiter can effect our weather, and the sun can even effect our mental health.

So this year, I took the challenge to become an astrologer and write my own horoscopes from scratch. I listed out planet retrogrades and what they mean in order to help you out with 2020.

Scroll down to find your zodiac sign below, then after you read that, scroll to the bottom to mark the dates of the retrogrades and what to expect.


The dates for all the zodiac signs are listed here if you don’t know yours.

Aries: 2020 will be a year where you’ll shine. Your courageous attitude aligns with 2020’s energy, your leadership will bring you far and open new opportunities for you. Be careful, though! Don’t become too reckless, as you’re not unstoppable. If you’re feeling your impulsive tendencies, try to take a step back and think about your actions before you do anything.

Taurus: 2020 is a year of change within the world and within yourself. You know you’re not the greatest with change yourself, but your determined nature will pull you through this year. Take the punches that might come your way one at a time and know that no matter what, you’ll come out as a stronger person.

Gemini: Your fun nature will make 2020 the best year yet for you and your friends. Your free-spirit vibes with 2020’s energy and you’ll do great things this year. Make sure you aren’t too immature though, make sure you know when the time for fun and time for business is so you don’t get in trouble.

Cancer: 2020 will bring many good experiences for you, your loyalty will shine through and give you contacts to different people this year. Make sure you don’t get overly attached to these new people though, because as soon as they come they can leave your life and will hurt you in the long run.

Leo: You’ll be the royalty of 2020, but isn’t that true every year. Your dramatic flare will light up 2020 for anyone who happens to see you. Don’t let the power go to your head though, because nobody likes a dictator. Make sure you lift other people up so your ego won’t explode.

Virgo: You’ll have 2020 vision this year (pun totally intended). Your perfectionistic tendencies will help you make this year great, you won’t stand for anything less. But make sure you step back from trying to be perfect and know that you’re human, and you’re not absolutely perfect. You may make some mistakes, we all do, but that doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. You are amazing just the way you are!

Libra: The scales are tipped in your favor this year! In 2020, you should focus on yourself, you try so hard to make everyone else happy, but you leave yourself behind. This year, make sure your also happy! Your charming and loving behavior will attract people towards you this year so make sure they care about you too!

Scorpio: 2020 is a year of change, so don’t be afraid to go with the flow. Listen to your intuition as your’s is one of the best out of all the zodiac signs. If you see something fishy, it probably is. But, don’t lock yourself away, you are an amazing person and people will love you for who you are!

Sagittarius: Your enthusiastic nature will shine through this year. People will be attracted to your optimism and philosophical behavior. Make sure you know what you’re getting into though, as commitment is not easy. If you commit to something make sure you can pull your weight.

Capricorn: Your reliability and loyalty will make you popular in 2020, with everyone being “fake” now days people will flock to your realness, but be careful with who you let into your life. Some people only wish to tear you down instead of build you up. Make sure you check in on yourself too as sometimes you can be in the wrong too.

Aquarius: You are ready for the future! Your curious thinking and inventive mind will take the charge in 2020 and beyond. You have an idealistic attitude that society now days needs. Try not to be stubborn though, as that can drag you down. Try to be open to new ideas from your peers, together you can change the world!

Pisces: You’re like a fish heading downstream, you just go with the flow! Your adaptable personality will help you in 2020 as there’s a lot of changes expected to come this year and you’ll be ready for it! Your creativity will shine this year as you move on through your life. But, be careful, you could be your own worst enemy, make sure you check in on yourself and your mental health.

Planet Retrogrades

Mercury: Communication errors are bound to happen. Do not make big decisions durning this time. Don’t be surprised if your relationship falls apart at this time. (It’s happened to me, twice.)

February 17th – March 10th

June 18th – July 12th

October 14th – November 3rd

Venus: Your love life will be tested durning this time. Old exes may come back or maybe even a new lover. Be careful who give your heart out to at this time.

May 13th – June 25th

*Outer planet retrogrades tend to effect us less than Mercury and Venus as they are in retrograde and direct for longer periods of time.

Mars: You’ll tend to procrastinate durning this time, do not let the astrological senioristis get to you.

September 9th – November 14th

Jupiter: Take a step back to review your morals and beliefs at this time as they could change, be open to new ideas.

May 14th – September 13th

Saturn: Work towards your goals and dreams durning this time as it’s a great time to manifest your new reality.

May 11th – September 29th

Uranus: Take a look at all of your relationships and duties durning time and ask yourself if you’re really “free” if you don’t feel “free” it might be time to make some changes in your life.

January 11th – August 15th

Neptune: You may find yourself changing your life plan durning this time as our vision becomes clearer for us.

January 23rd – November 29th

Pluto: Durning this time, reflect on your past and how you changed and grown, then make a game plan for even further growth.

April 25th – October 4th

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